Tue.Mar 14, 2023

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Unregulated horse racing continues to pose risks


A persistent and potentially growing concern, according to experts, is the running of unsanctioned, informal horse races. Unregulated horse racing is dangerous for horses and riders, and diseases such as equine infectious anemia and equine piroplasmosis can spread at these bush tracks.

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National Wildlife Refuge Trivia:  What is PILT?  

10,000 Birds

National Wildlife Refuges protect critical habitat and provide some of the best birding locations in the United States. Although birders and other users of NWRs create local jobs , federal lands can be costly for local governments because, broadly speaking, federal land cannot be taxed by state or local governments. This federal tax immunity can deprive such governments of property tax revenues that would have been collected had the land been owned by any other entity.

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This chicken is rude and unreasonable.

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