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Will Animal Research Ever End?

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Some scientists say it could end in a generation if we pursue the creation of "virtual humans" and living cell banks as research replacements. Tags: animal experimentation animal research medical research science I think we could change things even sooner, but I just don't see the will or the interest in most of the scientific community. I just don't understand why.

British Center Working On Animal Replacement in Research?

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The group is called NC3E (National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research). The NC3Rs brings together stakeholders in the 3Rs in academia, industry, government and animal welfare organisations to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, and the translation of research findings into practice that will benefit both animals and science. We'll see. I just signed up for the e-newsletter.

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Growing Number of Scientists Question Animal Research

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The feud between animal rights activists and researchers is among the bitterest in science. But many researchers - although adamant that animal research remains critical to finding cures and expanding medical knowledge - have come to concede that using creatures as human stand-ins is unnecessary for many procedures. Plus, animals are messy, require feeding and constant care, draw protests, and, yes, can be a bit smelly.

RSPCA Collects 68,000 Signatures Supporting an End to Animal Research

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I really believe the more people learn about what research animals go through, the more common decency becomes a factor. But how many animal research supporters (non-scientists) actually step into a room and observe an experiment? How many of them actually see these animals in the labs? The RSPCA collected these signatures leading up to the the 7th World Congress on Alternatives & Animal Use in the Life Sciences in Rome.


Puerto Rico Plans Huge Primate Breeding Facility to Supply Researchers

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I'm behind on my email and only just read this action alert from the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Less than one year ago, Puerto Rico enacted a landmark animal protection law, based in part on a set of model laws drafted by the Animal Legal Defense Fund. states and jurisdictions with regards to the strength of their laws protecting animals. Tags: animal experimentation puerto rico animal research primates medical research

Read an Analysis of Slate's Animal Research Series

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Animal Person , someone who is clearly smarter than me, has a great analysis about the recent "Pepper" series in Slate about animal research. At least he didn't try to make me feel happy or warm and fuzzy about animal research. I think that people who are pro-animal research would come away with something to ponder, definitely the sense that this is not a pretty or sanitized practice.

Is Medical Research on Animals REALLY the Only Way?

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I responded to a post on animalblog that cited a recent article in the journal "Proceedings" of the National Academy of Sciences. Here's my response on medical research in general. I recently had a discussion about medical research using animals. There is more and more evidence that animal testing is NOT necessarily the best route to take. This story on HIV research is one example.

Now I'm Really Annoyed

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Here's a site for kids to program them to become "the next generation of laboratory animal science professionals." the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science Foundation. Experimenting on animals is fun and it helps everyone.even animals! Also, it's a great way to get girls interested in science! Talk about an unholy alliance.beef and medical research.

40 Ways to Help Lab Animals

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Thanks to Patty at Animal Rights-Do Whatever is Necessary for reposting this list of 40 ways to help lab animals. When you read stories in major newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and Newsweek, be wary of simplification, bias, and a tendency to support traditional views indifferent to animals’ interests. There are many excellent books on issues related to animal research.

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Last Monkey Recaptured by Primate Center

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The last of nine monkeys that escaped from the Oregon National Primate Research Center in Hillsboro was found at 2 p.m. Workers baiting cages with apples recaptured eight animals Friday and Saturday. All the monkeys are healthy juvenile males and not involved in health research, officials said. Center director Nancy Haigwood said the perimeter fence will be improved to make it more difficult for an animal to leave the property. "We I don't know how I feel about this.

NASA Funds Radiation Experiments on Monkeys

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Another animal experiment I would not support as a US taxpayer. The research project, led by Jack Bergman of McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate in Belmont, Mass., was one of 12 awarded radiobiology research grants through NASA's Human Research Program, the space agency announced October 27. If we are going to subject animals to great suffering (radiation for heaven's sake), don't let it be for something like this.

DeMuth Agrees to Plea Bargain

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From the Science Insider. Scott DeMuth, a sociology graduate student at the University of Minnesota charged last year with felony conspiracy under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act agreed yesterday to a plea bargain. DeMuth was arrested and charged in November 2009 after refusing to cooperate with a grand jury investigating the Iowa break-in. Tags: animal research animal enterprise terrorism act FBI

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