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Last night I was watching Animal Planet, as I often do, and the show was about polar bears in the wild. There was a mama polar bear and her 2 cubs who were not yet full grown, but also not tiny. Due to lack of food, a big male polar bear was following the threesome in the hopes that he could eat one of the cubs (apparently they will eat their own kind if they can’t find other food). I had to turn the channel before the big male bear got to the dying cub.

Debate Over Injured Dog Video

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I think that such haters can't bear a non-human being heroic. It begs the question of the uniqueness of humanity and, of course, themselves. Not other humans in general, but themselves. I've only been able to watch this video, and read the comments, once.

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Henry S. Salt (1851-1939) on the Ridicule of Vegetarians

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In an ordinary household every possible influence, social and domestic, is brought to bear on the heretic who abstains from flesh foods. But what of the many individual failures, it is asked, among those who make trial of Vegetarianism?