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ALDF Calling for An Animal Abuser Registry

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Here's the email I got from ALDF. ALDF's proposed abuser registry legislation would require mandatory registration and community notification for convicted animal abusers. Tags: animal abuse ALDF It sounds like they are calling for an animal abuse equivalent of the sex offender registry. I think it's a great idea.

ALDF Provides Grant to Fund Investigation of Animal Abuse

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From the ALDF site: Dearborn, Mich.– ALDF offers grants for necropsies, DNA testing, and other forensic support nationwide to ensure that local law enforcement is able to collect the necessary evidence to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in cases of criminal animal abuse. Tags: animal abuse ALDF

Sign ALDF Petition to Help Kentucky's Homeless Animals

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Sounds like it's hell for these animals in Kentucky shelters. The State used to provide oversight, but in 2004, they abrogated responsibility to the counties. According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, things are not going well. Please sign the petition to help them.

Humane Society's National Conference Announced

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It looks like they have some great workshops with people like Gene Bauer from Farm Sanctuary and Nicole Pollata from the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF.). I recently received this email announcement. The conference is to be held from July 23-26 in Washington, DC. Someday, I hope to attend one of these conferences.

National Justice for Animals Week

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From the better late then never category, the ALDF is having a National Justice for Animals Week to raise awareness about animal abuse. ALDF is honoring Adam and all those who came to his rescue with a special video profile that will be available on For more information, please visit

Vile Practices at Tulare County, CA Animal Shelter

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From the ALDF blog. ALDF is asking that you send a letter to the USDA asking that Sargeant's Class B license-which allows him to round up dogs and cats from animal shelters, auctions, private individuals and other "random sources," and then sell them for experimentation-be revoked. Arrested in June 2007, Michael J. Sargeant, William R.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund Public Registries

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) today announced an effort aimed at creating public registries in each state of anyone convicted of felony animal abuse. Animal abuse is not only a danger to our cats, dogs, horses, and other animals, but also to people, said ALDF Executive Directory Stephen Wells. COTATI, CALIF. –

Puerto Rico Plans Huge Primate Breeding Facility to Supply Researchers

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From the ALDF action alert page. I'm behind on my email and only just read this action alert from the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Another crass attempt at primate slavery for money wrapped in "we put people first" robes." The sweeping set of reforms provided for in Act 154 (P S. 2552) place Puerto Rico among the top tier of U.S.