Walrus in Trouble Too

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I'm finally getting caught up on some reading and came across this article in the Defenders of Wildlife wildlife. The summer issue had a good article about walruses. Tags: climate global warming walrus arctic I'm very proud of supporting Defenders because I think they do great work and they have a really good magazine too. Very depressing sometimes though. Surprisingly, they are overlooked in discussions of Arctic species threatened by global warming.

Penguin Palooza on Nat Geo WILD

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Narrated by Queen Latifah, Arctic Tale is the coming of age story of a walrus pup and polar bear cub as they fight for survival in the Arctic wilderness. tv wildlifePhoto Credit: © Argus Collection. Penguin lovers rejoice! This weekend is Penguin Palooza on Nat Geo WILD!

Disneynature Earth Q&A

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Are you supposed to shoot a walrus? As soon as you get into that situation, I think you’re breaking the first rule of wildlife film making, which is to record and never interfere in any way with the animals at all.