Walrus in Trouble Too

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I'm finally getting caught up on some reading and came across this article in the Defenders of Wildlife wildlife. The summer issue had a good article about walruses. Tags: climate global warming walrus arctic I'm very proud of supporting Defenders because I think they do great work and they have a really good magazine too. Very depressing sometimes though. Surprisingly, they are overlooked in discussions of Arctic species threatened by global warming.

Penguin Palooza on Nat Geo WILD

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Narrated by Queen Latifah, Arctic Tale is the coming of age story of a walrus pup and polar bear cub as they fight for survival in the Arctic wilderness. tv wildlifePhoto Credit: © Argus Collection. Penguin lovers rejoice! This weekend is Penguin Palooza on Nat Geo WILD! This weekend you will be able to enjoy shows about penguins almost all weekend long. Penguin Palooza starts at noon to 11pm ET/PT on Saturday November 12 and Sunday, November 13.

Disneynature Earth Q&A

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Are you supposed to shoot a walrus? As soon as you get into that situation, I think you’re breaking the first rule of wildlife film making, which is to record and never interfere in any way with the animals at all. It’s one of the greatest things that happens on the planet, in my view where the delta gets turned from being a desert to being an incredibly lush wetland full of wildlife over the course of really just a matter of weeks, and that’s a magical transformation.