Wildlife Rehabilitation in Tulsa

10,000 Birds

Just returned from an amazing tour of Tulsawildlife rehabilitators, fabulous artists, even an NPR interview with Rich Fisher – all to benefit WING-IT , Tulsa’s dedicated group of rehabbers.

Winging It In Tulsa

10,000 Birds

I recently traveled to Oklahoma to help spread the word of wildlife, finding all kinds of adventure along the way. Since wildlife rehabilitators are in short supply wherever you go, we tend to forge internet friendships; then the fact that our closest compatriots may live thousands of miles away isn’t such a problem. I had been friends with rehabbers in Tulsa for years, although I’d never met any of them face-to-face. Tulsa area wildlife rehabilitators are awesome.

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Happy Fourth – Support Your Local Rehabber!

10,000 Birds

They’re just really cute orphaned Blue Jays who were raised and eventually released by Kim Doner of WING-IT in Tulsa. Google your town, county, or state, find your closest wildlife rehabilitator, and send them a donation. Why not celebrate the 4th of July by helping the struggling wildlife (and wildlife rehabbers) of our country? No, these are not highly-trained nestling Blue Jays posing artfully on an American flag.

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My Favorite Release

10,000 Birds

So I asked seven wildlife rehabilitators, “Tell me your favorite (or one of your favorites) release story – the kind that makes you keep going, in spite of everything.”. “A A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher hatchling that I got in two years ago,” wrote Leslie Jackson, a rehabber in Tulsa, OK, and sent the ‘before’ photo above and the ‘after’ photo, six weeks later, below. Birds bird releases wildlife rehabilitators

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