Black Bear

Animal Person

In a stroke of the surreal, my heart beat frantically as my eye was yanked from the cheery, colorful bears on the sticker, to a mammoth black bear, tethered to the back of a white pickup truck, and held down with chicken wire. He was bleeding from several bullet wounds, and visibly in excruciating pain. I stared into his eyes while envisioning him breaking free from the prison the men made of the truck, and the prison the men made of his now mortally-wounded body.

Bears 101

Starlings and Eagles

10,000 Birds

Here I was, sitting patiently in a blind, watching a tethered European Starling on a string. Any bird that was wounded — and a bander could often prevent that fate by firing the net quickly enough — was nursed back to health. It required a bit of an ethical adjustment. When a hawk came in at a good angle towards the ridge where we were perched, either the starling or one of the two Rock Pigeons beside it would get a little tug, enough to make them flutter haplessly.