Hero Dog Tries To Help Wounded Dog

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more about “ Hero Dog Tries To Help Wounded Dog - … “, posted with vodpod. Tags: Uncategorized companion animals compassion dogs videos This video just melts my heart. It is a great example of how loving and selfless non-human animals can be. The whole idea that so many people hold that says somehow humans have a monopoly on emotions kind of gets tossed out the window when you see something like this. We could all learn a little something from this Hero Dog!

Marines Still Using Pigs for Medical Training

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The Marines also claim that using live pigs and inflicting wounds on them is the only way to approximate real-life situations in combat. Tags: animal research military pigs They claim the animals are asleep during the procedures and feel no pain. It's the best way to train medical personnel. Read and decide for yourself.

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Urgent Appeal for Flex, the Greyhound

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He came to OCFA totally flea infested and with a few open wounds. One wound (the one on his front right leg) was to the bone. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Greyhound Matters Doesn't he look like my boy Charles ? Owen County Friends of Animals (KY) is a non-profit organization that fosters and seeks adoptions for the dogs picked up by their local dog warden. Dogs they can not place in foster care or find adoptive homes for are euthanized after 14 days by county ordinance.

Injured Deer Finds Clinic

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Manager Trudi Urie says the wounded doe was hanging out behind the store and then ran through an open door into a stockroom. Tags: wildlife deer Lucky deer! She was treated and then released. Workers at an Ohio pet shop are used to worried pet owners bringing their animals in to be treated in the store's clinic. But an unaccompanied visit Saturday by a deer to the PetSmart in Rossfield was a first for the store.

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Palin Supports Brutal Method of Killing Wolves

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The wolves suffer needlessly because hunters simply wound them more often then not firing from an airplane. Tags: Palin alaska wolves I understand there may be some instances where predator control is necessary. I'm not an absolutist on this point. Doing it from low flying aircraft, however, is just barbaric. This is what Palin has pushed for. Here is a video from Defenders of Wildlife that shows the method (it's under 3 minutes).

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Record Year for Sick Seals in San Pedro,CA

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But they are all seriously ill with malnutrition, gaping wounds from fishing line injuries, broken and scarred fins, busted jaws or brain damage from domoic acid poisoning. Tags: marine animals seals sea lions From the Contra Costa Times. Each one of the sleek, whiskered sea lions recovering at the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro has its own story. Some are visibly struggling for life and lie listlessly near in-ground pools.

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Breed Bans are NOT the Answer

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While Pit bulls are incredibly strong and can therefore inflict a dangerous wound if they do attack, they are by no means the only breed that bites. Tags: Animal Welfare animal advocacy companion animals dogs pictures I get frustrated when people suggest that all Pit bulls are a danger to society. I work with someone, in fact, who is so prejudiced against these beautiful dogs, that she will leave a dog park with her dogs if a pit bull arrives.

Stray Dog Rescued in Mumbai

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An old stray dog was wounded in the Mumbai attacks and rescued. The survival of the aging Sheru, despite a gunshot wound to his left shoulder, has become an uplifting and soothing symbol of Mumbai's recovery to many of the city's anxious and angry citizens. Tags: India animal rescue strays dogs He is now recovering and will hopefully find a home. Sadly, he is the lucky one in a city filled with starving strays. But still.

Rats help save humans.

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A foul-smelling wound might spell an infection. Tags: news Long before CAT scans, X-rays, blood samples and colonoscopies, physicians used the good sense they were born with: their sense of smell. That’s because bacterias, cancers and infections create unique smells. Sweet, fruity breath could mean diabetes. Liver disease? Fishy-smelling breath. Kidney disease makes a mouth smell like urine. Tuberculosis smells like tar. (In

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Military Used Pigs in Brain Injury Research

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The explosions have ranged in intensity, wounding some of the pigs and killing others. Tags: rats animal experimentation military pigs Lovely. Military researchers have dressed live pigs in body armor and strapped them into Humvee simulators that were then blown up with explosives to study the link between roadside bomb blasts and brain injury.

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Mountain Gorilla Ranger Slain in the Congo

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Another ranger was wounded in the attack and a rebel was captured. Tags: virunga war congo gorillas endangered species Protecting mountain gorillas in the Congo is dangerous work. Just last week, a 33-year-old ranger was killed by Mai Mai rebels. Mai Mai rebels are described as community-based militia groups frequently involved in banditry. That arrest has resulted in several leads in the investigation.

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The Blue House Dog

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The boy was wounded by his loss, just as the homeless dog was wounded when his owner died. Tags: books guest post Today we have a lovely guest post from author Deborah Blumenthal. A New York Times story that ran in 2001 about a homeless dog wandering around a suburban part of New York City, struck a chord with me. He was, “part German Shepherd, part something else,” and he was smart enough to find food,and win the hearts of the locals.

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Detecting Animal Cruelty

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Tags: aspca animal cruelty Per the ASPCA's cruelty FAQ , here are some signs. Animal cruelty occurs when someone intentionally injures or harms an animal or when a person willfully deprives an animal of food, water or necessary medical care.

Animal Rights Activists Attack Berkeley Vet

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Hey Gregory, time to become a real vet and help sick and wounded animals recover; not ensure the smooth functioning of the torture chambers by assisting vivisectors in callous and fraudulent experiments on fourty-thousand beautiful, innocent beings per year. Tags: ALF This via the ALF Press Office : As he left his car parked in a garage on campus, he was whistling and had no idea he had been followed. We preceded to vandalize his shiny new Audi, paid for with blood money.

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26 Dogs saved by the ASPCA

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They also had signs of neglect, broken bones, wounds and infections. Tags: people helping animals rescues The ASPCA continually does amazing work on behalf of our animal companions. On February 17th they rescued 26 Pit Bulls near Sandersville, Georgia. The dogs had been left to starve, no food, water or even shelter from freezing temperatures. Sadly, there were also 27 dead dogs found on the property. It is believed that the dogs were part of a dog fighting ring.


On Flourless Cakes and Injuries

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What we couldn't see until her leg was shaved was that next to the deep wound is a large bloody bump of a wound. Tags: Ethics Food and Drink Greyhound Matters This, dear readers, is my new obsession. Though I have never had an issue with gluten, I have decided to lower my intake of it as an experiment, just to see if I feel any kind of difference.

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Service Members Get a Second Chance with Service Dogs

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In early 2009, in recognition of the increasing number of “Wounded Warriors” that were returning from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, FSD made the decision to concentrate its efforts on identifying deserving disabled veterans and matching them with a trained service dog companion. Tags: news people helping animals The Dublin Dog Foundation (DDF) has partnered with Freedom Service Dogs, Inc. FSD) for their second annual philanthropic campaign.

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Banded Semipalmated Sandpipers at Big Egg Marsh, Queens, New York

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Now that passerine migration has largely wound down the attention of this New York birder has shifted to seabirds, shorebirds, and the occasional trip looking for breeding birds. Though it is not terribly difficult to get shots of banded shorebirds like Semipalmated Sandpiper “68U” here, it is even easier to get shots of tagged Horseshoe Crabs.

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Starlings and Eagles

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Any bird that was wounded — and a bander could often prevent that fate by firing the net quickly enough — was nursed back to health. We watched as the team banded the Eagle and drew blood, attached a wing tag that would be visible in a spotting scope, and explained how they used molt patterns to age the bird (sexing would come only with the blood analysis, but they guessed it was a male.) It required a bit of an ethical adjustment.

Bird Banding the Dry Tortugas

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When I say “cut,” I mean paper-cut sized wounds here. As a group we tagged and weighed more than 500 terns, terns that can be recaptured in the future to teach us humans more about the dynamics of the colony. Erika is a first year graduate student studying Ecosystem Science and Conservation at Duke. In her free time she travels near and far to find birds to continue building her life list, though many of her favorites can still be found right in her own backyard.

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Sea Snakes of Northern Australia

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Olive Sea Snake that has had a dog visit it on the beach Olive Sea Snake with obvious bulge Stoke’s Sea Snake Stoke’s Sea Snake with wounds Dubois’ Sea Snake Dubois’ Sea Snake being returned to the sea! The dog tracks did not lead to any birds, but the wounded snake had a Brahminy Kite on it until I came along on my bike and took a photo. Tags: australia , features , Reptiles , sea snakes , snakes • Have you seen the cool 10,000 Birds t-shirts?

Socks for Dogs!

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They provide traction, mobility, fashion, wound protection, and hardwood floor protection. Tags: reviews If you just have hardwood floors in your house, you know that it would be nice to give your dog a bit of traction! I know our dog Baby often slides out while running across the hardwood floor in our kitchen! Well, Power Paws by Woodrow Wear has come up with a great product for your dog that solve this, and other problems too!

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