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Can we talk about Cecil the Lion?

10,000 Birds

Tell me, what happens if we rip away hunting when hunting protects more wildlife land in Africa than national parks? Animal rights is concerned with individual animals, and their suffering and welfare. Conservation is concerned about protecting populations, species, habitats, ecosystems. There is a reason we talk about wildlife and habitat conservation, not wildlife and habitat preservation. I’m not unsympathetic to concerns about animal welfare, really.

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We Should Kill More Lions

10,000 Birds

Assuming you have a passing interest in wildlife, or at the least you know someone that does, and chances are in the last week or so you’ve become aware that some lady from America shot a lion. I’m not just saying this to be an annoying gadfly on the backside of the birding and general wildlife community, although this is certainly a fringe benefit. Take the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. You protect an entire ecosystem that holds 350 bird species.

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