Ligers in China

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A private zoo operator in Taiwan cross-bred lions and tigers, resulting in three "liger" cubs. Both species are endangered and it is illegal to cross breed them. From Focus Taiwan. The Environmental and Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) said Huang, who possesses an array of wildlife, should be dealt with harshly to deter others from copying the behavior. Cross-breeding two protected species is completely against nature.

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Moon Bears Rescued from Bile Farm in Vietnam

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I can't read such stuff without being sickened by my species. Tags: taiwan Traditional Chinese Medicine bear bile china asia It's great that they were saved, but t hey arrived at the rescue center in wretched condition. Moon bears are rare, which makes this all the sadder. Please note that the illegal bile farm was Taiwanese-owned. Again, the China connection. Thank Animals Asia for the rescue. They are an amazing organization that we support financially.).