On SPECIESISM, by Joan Dunayer

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I finally read SPECIESISM , by Joan Dunayer, which was published a couple of years after ANIMAL EQUALITY , which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Two-thirds believe that nonhumans have as much "right to live free of suffering" as humans, but vivisection, food-industry enslavement and slaughter, and other practices that cause severe, prolonged suffering are legal (49).

On Peaceable Kingdom, Part Deux

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The voices of Jim Vandersluis and Cheri Ezell-Vandersluis of Maple Farm Sanctuary were especially poignant, and the anguish in their faces--in their eyes--jumps off the screen as they explain how and when it hit them that the business of raising goats for milk requires surrendering the babies to be slaughtered. I didn't have to do the slaughtering to know what it feels like to have participated in something for a good chunk of my life that wasn't right.

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On the Banning of Eating Cats and Dogs in China

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It seems like the answer to most questions/responses to most issues is one of these: Speciesism. Why choose enslavement, rape, domination and slaughter? Yes, it is hypocritical (speciesism), but who said that we either protect humans or animals? So we went from a ban to a vague statement about the prevention of abuse that clearly doesn't consider slaughter abusive.

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On Food for the Soul

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I suppose speciesism/human exceptionalism is at the heart of the matter. The animals were still bred and raised for slaughter, but evidently in some kind of soulful way we don't really hear about. The New York Times ' Nicholas D. Kristof frustrates me. His passion and compassion for humans is immense, but he appears to have some kind of mental block with nonhuman animals.

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On ANIMAL EQUALITY, by Joan Dunayer

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And now that I've read Animal Equality and begun Speciesism , I think I know why. By pairing humane with slaughter , legislators have sanctioned horrific cruelty and mass murder. What if slaughter were freed (miraculously) of all terror and pain? A handful Animal Person readers since May of 2006, when I started this then-daily blog, have asked me if I've read Joan Dunayer.

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Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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This one addresses the decreasing number of dogs and cats being experimented on and, without mentioning it, discusses speciesism and our affection for dogs--pet dogs particularly (and especially purebreds)--which leads to our revulsion with the idea of snatching, vivisecting and killing them. First of all, whether someone was born in a breeding center, under a porch or in my living room doesn't make them more or less entitled to a life free of enslavement, torture and slaughter.

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