Guest post: How to build a cat house.

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Follow the procedure given below to build your cat house: Purchase a 4×8 Sheet of plywood, a box of 5/8” wood screws, three 2×4x8 stud and some small pieces of carpets. Take the three of the 2×4x8 studs and cut them into twelve equal sized sections. Now give the studs the shape of a box by attaching them with the wood screws. Now let your little dear enjoy its cozy and lovely shelter. Thanks to Blythe Wood Works for the following guest post.

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Come@Me: Don’t Mourn for Extinct Birds

10,000 Birds

The Zoo episode focuses on two Pink Pigeon couples: The Stud and Serendipity, a male and female that the zoo people hope will mate and produce a viable egg, and Thelma and Louise, a same-sex pair-bonded couple who the zoo people hope will incubate the egg and nurture the chick. This description appears to be an overstatement though, because we learn by the end of the episode that The Stud and Serendipity have not produced one viable egg.

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Getting the Guan (Pawi Edition)

10,000 Birds

The Northern Range serves to stabilize the country’s freshwater supply and shelters a terrific diversity of both Caribbean and South American flora and fauna. A brush that close with a bird so big and so rare has to be one of the highlights of a trip studded with spectacular moments. The island paradise of Trinidad boasts three bands of mountains running east to west.

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