Baby Fur Seal Lament – Digital Nomad

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Baby Fur Seal Lament – Digital Nomad. National Geographic’s “Digital Nomad”, Andrew Evans, is on a trans-Atlantic journey from South America’s Cape Horn to Africa’s Cape of Good Hope. Andrew is hanging with some adorable baby Antarctic fur seals in South Geogria, and has posted a video of his encounter.

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Nest Cam Welcomes Arctic Tern Babies to the World

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Perhaps because of threats to the ecosystems of the many places the Arctic Tern visits (Europe, Africa, South America, and North America), it may be on the decline. So that’s why it’s awesome that webcams sponsored by Audubon and are providing a close-up peek into Arctic Tern nests on Seal Island along Maine’s coast. You may already know how awesome Arctic Terns are.

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All about alcids: Extravagant divers of northern oceans

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They gradually spread to the Atlantic Ocean by way of the southern coast of North America (before it was joined to South America) and gained the ability to pursue prey by diving in cool waters (see Pereira and Baker 2008 ). They are warm-blooded, but their prey is not, and this gives the birds (and other warm-blooded predators, like seals) a vital speed advantage in cool waters.

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Zero Gravity Brewing Company: Bobolink Saison

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Even the names we give to some birds reflect their dependence on the cultivated landscape – we have Barn Owls ( Tyto alba ) and Barn Swallows ( Hirundo rustica ) over much of the world, and Orchard Orioles ( Icterus spurius ) in the Americas really do have a fondness for fruit groves. Changing tastes in beer, now leaning towards more modern flavors imported from Britain and Germany – as well as the privations of two world wars – only seemed to seal the fate of saison.

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Bota Box: Nighthawk Black Red Wine Blend

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I’m lucky that these once-common North American nightjars regularly pass over my house in upstate New York twice a year, both during their northbound spring migration and even more so in the fall on their way south. Bota Box takes its name from the bota , a Spanish leather wineskin traditionally lined with a goat bladder and sealed with resin. Despite what the name of this column may have led you to believe, I almost never drink and bird.

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My Favorite Release

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August arrived and I was releasing birds knowing they’d need time to adapt prior to making that long flight across the Gulf of Mexico, headed to South America. It was so great, and it sealed my admiration for Veronica’s amazing dedication and skill.”. So I asked seven wildlife rehabilitators, “Tell me your favorite (or one of your favorites) release story – the kind that makes you keep going, in spite of everything.”. “A

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Frogs and Toads of the World: A Book Review by a Fairy Tale Junkie

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And, I started daydreaming about encountering something a little different, maybe a Horned Frog, Ceratophrys cornuta, a large, squat green and brown frog of South America, with a wide mouth large enough to eat other frogs as well as reptiles. Or, Pygmy leaf-folding frogs, Afrixalus brachycnemis, from Tanzania, tiny climbing frogs who lay their eggs in leaves and then fold the leaves over them for protection, sealing the nest with secretions. “Peek!” Plunk.

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