Dead Sea Lions in Puget Sound - Again

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Washington wildlife officials say eight sea lions have been found dead in the Puget Sound region in recent weeks — all apparently shot. The bodies of seven sea lions with bullet wounds were recently found on the Nisqually River. On Monday, a sea lion was found dead on West Seattle’s Lincoln Park beach. KING says one of the Nisqually casualties was a Steller sea lion, protected under the Endangered Species Act. This has happened before.

Ingrid Taylar: Bridging the Divide Between Cat and Bird Lovers

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It’s the same reason so many people now cut up their plastic six-pack holders — because the connection between their soda and the strangled sea lion becomes obvious, visual and intimate. Statistics come to life in the suffering of one dove or one mockingbird, the one needlessly stricken and dying for the sake of a personal choice. This blog is written by writer, photographer, and animal advocate Ingrid Taylar.

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The Emotional Lives of Animals

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Sea lion mothers wail when watching their babies being eaten by killer whales. If she’d been left alone, she would have fallen prey to a lion or other predator. to live out their lives in peace, absent the abuse they had suffered in the entertainment industry. Grief, friendship, gratitude, wonder, and other things we animals experience. by Marc Bekoff. Scientific research shows that many animals are very intelligent and have sensory and motor abilities that dwarf ours.

My First West Coast Pelagic Trip

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To get out to the deep water we have to cruise for hours which necessitates leaving late in the evening, trying to sleep on an uncomfortable, moving boat, and waking up in the predawn hours to spend not-enough-time amid amazing birds before suffering through the long, boring ride through the “dead zone” back to shore. Once the gannet was spotted and everyone had seen it we turned and headed out to sea.

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Guinness Brewery: Guinness Draught

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Anyone who has set foot in an Irish pub at any point in the last several decades has undoubtedly seen these vintage ads featuring a colorful and clownish menagerie of bears, sea lions, turtles, kangaroos, crocodiles, lions, and many birds – including the famous Guinness toucans. Yes, I know: I went out of my way to avoid the predictable Guinness review before Saint Patrick’s Day last week.

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