Sampling Manakins

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The post Sampling Manakins appeared first on 10,000 Birds. Birding in Trinidad and Tobago has been likened to an introductory chapter in the book of birding in the Neotropics. And for good reason.

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Where Does Vegan Baby Sky Get Her Protein?

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No matter what your beliefs are, when you're a parent you educate yourself about parenting style, nutrition (and Ginny Messina 's fabulous Vegan for Life recently arrived and includes nutrition information as well as sample menus for kids!) I'm constantly asked about the details of Baby Sky's life. Where does she get her protein? How are her bones going to grow without cow's milk? You mean she's never eaten bacon? Are you a communist?

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Taste of the Wild Pet Food Giveaway!

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The dog give-away includes three sample bags of the new dry formula; Sierra Mountain Canine with roasted lamb and sweet potatoes is a limited ingredient diet with lamb as the only protein source. Also included; six samples of Bright Bites Daily Dental Treats (need to know the size of the dog); $30 gift card to and a set of Outward Hound Fold-N-Go Port-A-Bowls. Taste of the Wild has recently launched new dog and cat food formulas!

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Share The Joy Giveaway from @Beneful

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Beneful provided us with the giveaway opportunity and product samples for this post. Does your dog have the dinner doldrums? More than one-third (34 percent) of the U.S. dog owners surveyed say they have to entice their dogs to eat their food at least once a week and nearly one-in-five (19 percent) say they have to entice their dogs to eat their food every day.

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Purina Beyond Giveaway

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We recently received a sample of the new Purina Beyond dog food (and we have some bags to give away for cats or dogs, so be sure to keep reading). We were excited about this new product because it is full of natural ingredients. Real meat, poultry, or fish is the number 1 ingredient. The food is free from corn, wheat, and soy, with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. And no by product meal! They even sent us something special, a recipe to be made for the humans!

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Purina Busy Treats Giveaway

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That’s right, when we get samples we like to share! Are you ready for some treats to keep your dog busy? Purina Busy treats are just the thing! Not only do they come in a variety of sizes, textures, and flavors, but they are sure to keep your pooch busy chomping away on them too! One lucky reader and their dog will get the same fun package that I did.

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Taste of the Wild Puppy Food Giveaway

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The prize includes samples of the puppy formulations, the book and DVD “My Smart Puppy: Fun, Effective, and Easy Puppy Training” and a $25 gift card to, an online retailers who carries Taste of the Wild puppy formulas. Taste of the Wild now offers their two most popular adult formulas in a puppy food.

Beggin’ Pet Parade

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From bacon-themed games and photo booths to Beggin’ sampling activities for dogs and bacon sampling activities for people by Grillmasters, to the famous coronation ceremony costume contest and a new Guinness World Record™ attempt, there’s something for everyone…and every dog. If you are in St. Louis, MO this weekend, check out the Beggin’ Pet Parade on Sunday! See adorable pooches, kitties, and people all decked out for Mardi Gras fun. On Sunday, Feb.

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Giveaway: Chef Michaels Party Pack

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The party pack includes Chef Michael’s samples, party favors and decorations, indoor/outdoor activity kits, and doggie & guest gift bags. For all of you who may have missed out on the chance to host a Chef Michael’s Houseparty, you still have the chance to win a fun party pack! What a fun way to spend some time with your dog and your friends (and their dogs too)! To enter , simply leave a comment on this post before midnight on August 1st.

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Million Pound Pledge For Pets

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We also have a giveaway so you can try a sample of Hill’s Science Diet Light! Did you know that one out of every two pets are overweight? Alison Sweeney, host of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” discovered that her dog Winky was one of them, and pledged to the food Winky was eating and her lifestyle.

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Meditation on the Cheap

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There are countless CDs and downloads and books, but MyYogaOnline is not only convenient (as in, you don't have to leave the house), but it is also very inexpensive to join (and you can view sample videos free of charge), and the videos are beautifully produced. As I've written many times, one of the ways I stay centered and grounded is through meditation.

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UK Records Increase in Animal Testing

Critter News

The experiments range from small procedures such as taking blood and tissue samples to invasive brain surgery and inducing incurable diseases such as Parkinson's and cancer. Bad news from the Guardian. Nearly 3.7m experiments were performed on animals last year, a rise of 454,000 or 14% on the previous year, the Home Office said. The increase marks the greatest leap in animal use in medical research since 1986, when the government introduced new auditing procedures.

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Rats help save humans.

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Long before CAT scans, X-rays, blood samples and colonoscopies, physicians used the good sense they were born with: their sense of smell. That’s because bacterias, cancers and infections create unique smells. Sweet, fruity breath could mean diabetes. A foul-smelling wound might spell an infection. Liver disease? Fishy-smelling breath. Kidney disease makes a mouth smell like urine. Tuberculosis smells like tar. (In

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Smattering Sunday

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To determine whether it was the Ami or kibble in general I snatched some samples of Wellness and she had the same issue. CharlesCamp1 from Mary Martin on Vimeo (which it looks like I'm going to have to upgrade to improve the picture). Dr. Newest Vet sent this to me from yesterday's day at "camp" for Charles. His gait has improved dramatically from only two sessions of cool laser-physical therapy-underwater treadmill.

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A Field Guide to the Birds of Mongolia

10,000 Birds

Our [still unpublished] DNA study confirms that Altai type is only a colour morph, as their DNA samples scatter evenly within the ‘normal’ saker DNA samples, they do not form separate group.”

Where Are You Birding This First Weekend of April 2019?

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Sample some this weekend. April showers are said to bring May flowers, but this time of year offers far more than fancy flora. The avifauna, for example, can be exquisite. I’ll be hitting the hawk watch this weekend, hoping for something more interesting than the armadas of Turkey Vultures currently tipping through. Corey will be making the most of early spring birding in Queens. How about you? Where will you be this weekend and will you be birding?

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The Warbler Brewery – Warbler Ale

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I didn’t plan on taking such a long break away from the Birds and Booze beat, but life got in the way the last several weeks, mostly on account of moving into a new home. After so much time away, I knew I’d need to come back with a really good find.

Lessons Learned From 4 Years of Animal Person, Part 2

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I'd do my "Let's deconstruct" shtick ( here 's a sample about Oprah) and I probably should have stuck to it. Yesterday's lessons learned were primarily about blogging. Today they're about language. Lesson #7 Obsessing over language can become counterproductive. And this, coming from a person with a doctorate in Applied Linguistics. I can talk about language all day, every day. How it shapes our lives and our culture. How it changes because it's not static--it's alive.

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Rocky & Bella, Inc. earns National Animal Supplement Quality Seal

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Learn more about Spark at [link] and request a free sample. Bryn Mawr, Penn.—Pet Pet supplement company Rocky & Bella, Inc. recently met the National Animal Supplement Council’s nationally recognized standards after a rigorous facility audit, earning the NASC Quality Seal. The NASC is setting the standards for the pet supplement industry in quality, consistency and responsible conduct. Only 80 pet supplement companies internationally are able to use the NASC Quality Seal on products.

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Casa Ferreirinha ‘Papa Figos’ Vinho Tinto (2017)

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All four of these grapes are widely grown in the Douro for port production, and – except for the Tinta Barroca – I believe we’ve sampled all these varieties at Birds and Booze in the five Portuguese wines we’ve featured here previously.

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Birding in Place on Poas Volcano- What can You See?

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These are a small sampling of the birds possible while birding in place on Poas. Poas Volcano isn’t just a mountain built with magma. In common with so many other volcanoes, Poas also houses farms, people, and forests full of birds.

Visit the Macaw Lodge in Costa Rica

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Either first thing in the morning, at noon, at twilight, or night; the visitor has the opportunity to appreciate a great sample of biodiversity at all times.

Publish Your Own AR Book or Magazine

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Many vegans and animal rights activists "have a book in them" but soon discover, despite their well-crafted book proposal and sample chapters, that most mainstream publishers aren't interested. The big secret of self-publishing is that you can figure out what you need, sample different paper and fonts, find an artist for your cover, and do all of the work yourself, or you can write your book and have someone else do all the rest very inexpensively.

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Proportions Canine Nutrition

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Proportions has been kind enough to offer our readers a chance to try a free sample. Use the trial code “TNTrial21” to order your free sample. Wait for the sample to arrive and watch your dog enjoy a meal like none other! Introducing a better, healthier way to feed your dog.

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Afterwards, perhaps trying some samples of the channel will confirm whether or not your dog has any interest in the dog-friendly programs DogTV is offering. For many of us, our dog is one of the most important friends in our life. Of course, when we aren’t with our human friends, they can generally entertain themselves pretty well and know that they will eventually see us again.

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Greenleaf Gifts

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Greenleaf provided us with samples for our review. People with pets know all to well that at times things get smelly. Our home is not immune to this, so I was really excited when I got to try out an awesome product from Greenleaf. The aroma diffuser is a unique and effective way to fill your house with fragrance, or in the case of pets, remove smells with their purifying option.

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For the Budding Vegan Author

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You'll need to know all of the information in your book proposal anyway in order to sell it, so forget carping about having to go through the exercise of a 50-odd page proposal (the bulk of which is your writing sample anyway). I have an unusual number of e-mails from individuals who have written, are writing, or would like to write a book about animals and asked about various steps in the publishing process.

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Good Karma from Cherry City

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Thank you Cherry City for providing samples for our review. Cherry City Bath and Body is a great new, vegan bath and body company! I recently got a chance to try some of their items, including the new scent, Good Karma, that supports animal rescue. I just love using everything I got to try because not only does it all smell great, but I love knowing that everything is animal friendly too. So of course we wanted to spread the word about Good Karma.

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We loved the sample that 1 Cute Pooch sent us for our dog Baby. Are you looking for a fun way to identify your pet? PL8S 4 PETS are just the thing you are looking for! These unique ID tags feature your pet’s name on the front on your state license plate. On the back, your pet’s photo and information, in the style like a drivers license. We loved that there were additional choices for the information other than just name and number.

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Enjoy Innovative Electronic Music = Help Endangered Birds

10,000 Birds

As for the music, while listening to some sample tracks, I found myself enjoying the blend of bird sounds and easy-going music. Do you want to help endangered birds? How about helping with conservation of cool tropical birds by listening to innovative electronic music?

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Forensics Used to Solve Wildlife Crime in India

Critter News

The analysis determined the species of the sample as well as the unique DNA fingerprint of one particular animal, whose flesh was found on the equipment. In India, f orensic tests helped establish guilt in the killing of 10 endangered lions. Between February and March 2007, 10 lions were killed by poachers in three different incidents at the Gir National Park (GNP) which houses 360 Asiatic lions, the only surviving population in the wild.

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One lucky winner will get three sample bags of the adult dry formula of Chicken Soup for a Pet Lover’s Sou l pet food; a $30 gift card to and a copy of the Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul book. We have a great giveaway for you today!

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Heart U Back

4 The Love Of Animals

I got a sample of the Heart U Back friendship bracelet , and it is my new favorite thing to wear. We recently got a chance to check out a lovely line of jewelry that celebrates animals, and supports the ASPCA! It’s called Heart U Back , and they offer a lot of fashion forward choices for animal lovers. They are really fun, and the little bones that are nestled inside the silk threading are quiet stylish.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of 2018)

10,000 Birds

While nothing extraordinary appeared, we eked out an excellent sampling of local winter avifauna. This past year may have felt like it lasted a grueling decade or more, but 2018 only spanned 52 weeks. As usual, we each had the same 52 weekends to make birding magic happen. Now that the last of our allotted weekends has passed, take stock of your birding year. Did you strive, learn, and enjoy in 2018? How will next year’s birding compare to this one?

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Crypton Doodle Dog Bed from Designer Doggy

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The bed we got to sample was the brown version pictured above, but the beds come in a variety of colors and styles , and come in two sizes. Our sweet little dog loves it when companies offer her items to review. The Crypton Doodle Dog Bed is her new favorite, thanks to the great folks at Designer Doggy. Designer Doggy is a new website which caters to dogs and the people who love them.

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Help Wanted!

10,000 Birds

Include a sample post in the body of your email. We here at 10,000 Birds have long wanted to include the best in bird bloggers and feel that we have largely accomplished that goal. Our Beat Writers are awesome! But we would like to add a new Beat Writer on a specific beat – that of Bird Topography. We are looking for a Beat Writer to write a weekly or biweekly post on the parts of birds, one part at a time.

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How to Identify Food Intolerances in Pets

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For example, your vet may perform a skin test to see if the reaction is due to environmental allergens (such as dust) or they may take samples of discharge from your dog’s ears to see if there’s an infection. What causes food sensitivity in dogs and how can you treat it?

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Sweet Potato Fries

4 The Love Of Animals

Thanks to Doctors Foster and Smith, who provided the sample for this review. Baby the Maltese recently got a chance to try out some sweet potato fries from Doctors Foster and Smith. She was pretty excited to try them out, and got so happy about them that each time she gets one, she runs and plays with it before finally settling in to eat it. We captured one such event on video (you can watch if you like). The treats are all natural, made of only sweet potatoes.

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Summer Birding at Conboy Lake NWR

10,000 Birds

I decided to walk Willard Springs trial , a two-mile loop that provides a nice sample of the various habitats on the refuge , including wet prairie, marsh, meadow, and pine forest. I recently drove from my home in Portland to Conboy Lake NWR in southern Washington for a birding day-trip.

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Review: Best Bully Sticks

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Just look at how much our Maltese, Baby, enjoyed her sample: Baby is a fairly picky eater, and often turns her nose up at new treats. Best Bully Sticks offers an all natural choice for your dog’s chewing enjoyment. Their bully sticks are inspected and approved by USDA/FDA, and come from free range, grass fed bulls. Not only are they made from quality ingredients, they seem to taste really, really, good.

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Bird Families of the World by Winkler, Billerman and Lovette

10,000 Birds

The illustrations usually include several photos and field guide paintings (from HBW) of a sample member of each genus. There is a thing parents know very well – how important it is to choose the right name for a child.

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A Birder Attends a (Virtual) Ornithology Conference

10,000 Birds

NAOC is big — there are so many speeches, round tables, symposia, panel discussions, and poster presentations, that nobody could sample even a tiny fraction of the entire conference. The North American Ornithological Conference (NAOC) is held every four years.

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“The Lark Ascending” – Domaine de la Chanteleuserie: Cuvée Alouettes (2017)

10,000 Birds

For some inexplicable reason, the notation of the French children’s song “Alouette” above the skylark is in mirror image in this copy of the label, though it appears correctly on the bottle I sampled.

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