Rats help save humans.

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A foul-smelling wound might spell an infection. Recently, another powerful little nose has joined the diagnostic force: that of the African giant pouched rat. Read more about these amazing rats and the work they are doing by visiting the full article here. Rats help save humans.

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Military Used Pigs in Brain Injury Research

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For an 11-month period that ended in December, researchers subjected pigs and rats to about 200 blasts, according to Pentagon documents and interviews. The explosions have ranged in intensity, wounding some of the pigs and killing others. Tags: rats animal experimentation military pigs Lovely.

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Fizzle’s Story

4 The Love Of Animals

Then I noticed that several family members were also nursing bleeding wounds. He’s only about the size of a rat.”. Hi, I’m Debra Stang , author of Hospice Tails and guest writer for today’s blog. Hospice Tails is a series of true stories about my experiences with pets and patients as a hospice social worker. Although I adore my own cats, I had not realized what an important role animals can play as life draws to a close.

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