The long and winding road

10,000 Birds

We are familiar with the story, birds flying north in the boreal summer, taking advantage of the warmth, long days, and abundant insect life, to raise their young. This tiny passerine winters in Africa, places like Tanzania, Nigeria, Somalia. Birds fascinate us for many reasons. Flight, beauty, the glimpse into the world of dinosaurs, to mention but a few of those reasons. The migration stories of many of those birds is another.

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Introducing the African Birding Beat

10,000 Birds

I was fortunate to have been born and raised in Africa, and although I have traveled extensively around the world, it remains my home and in my blood. Mountain Gorillas are best observed in Uganda or Rwanda And to avoid – currently, one needs to be very cautious if planning a trip to Ivory Coast, Somalia, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo (the People’s Republic or Congo-Brazzaville is however safe), Burundi, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and a few other unstable nations.

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