When Vet Bills Get out of Control

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Understanding the early warning signs of serious ailments is one way animal loves can protect their pets and their wallets. Veterinarians at lower cost facilities undergo the same intense training as vets at state-of-the-art clinics. When it comes to regular vet visits, a low cost vet is always better than no vet at all. Responsible pet owners will find a way to maintain regular vet visits for their pets even in the worst of times. Here’s the scenario.

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Rescue Spotlight: Animal Lifeline UK

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Vet bills are covered by the rescue. Move animals from pound to rescue/rescue to foster home/vets etc. We have a wonderful post from Jenny, who works with Animal Lifeline UK. I was excited to learn about the work that they are doing to help our animal friends.

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Nutrition for Dogs: Choosing the Right Food for Your Canine Companion

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Similarly, these ingredients may increase parasite infection, increasing the money you must spend on vet care and pet medications. Your vet can advise you about your dog’s specific nutritional needs, and you should always check the label to see what exactly is in the food you feed your dog.

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Have You Considered Keeping Goats as Pets?

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It’s important to provide goats with a shelter to protect them from the elements. Written by Sally White on behalf of Minster Vets. Have you considered keeping goats as pets? Cats and dogs are the most popular pets, along with hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs also being amongst the favourites. Those wanting a more unusual choice may perhaps opt for a snake or tarantula, but these aren’t exactly cuddly or cute choices.

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Working Animals Face "Firing Squad" in Developing Countries

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Fortunately the donkey was rescued by the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA). Like many poor people in Morocco, Humar’s owner had little chance of being able to afford a vet – or even find one close by. Horrible story. Here's what they say about "the Firing Squad," a horrible method of "treating" wounded work animals. We don’t really mean that they will be lined up and shot. No, their suffering will be far more drawn out.

It’s Only Hygienic

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A well-groomed, clean and healthy pet all lead to happy owners, and less visits to the vet. Just like humans can take supplements for vitamins to have and protect healthy joints, dogs, cats and horses can also take supplements like Cosequin to improve and maintain your pet’s joints.

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Joy for Orphan Elephants

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Dedicated keepers at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Nairobi Elephant Nursery in Kenya protect baby Shukuru from the cold and rain, and the risk of pneumonia, with a custom-made raincoat. A mobile vet unit was able to tranquilize her, clean her wounds, and extract the spear.

5 ways to help the animal rescue efforts in Chile and Haiti

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WSPA (World Society for Protection of Animals). Veterinarians, technicians and others can volunteer to travel to Chile to help groups such as World Vets. Contribute to rescue efforts. Most organizations aiding pets in devastated areas are not-for-profit. They depend upon charitable contributions to keep. going.

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False Pregnancies In Dogs

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She may become territorial and protective of these “puppies”, which can actually cause problems for some households. Sometimes, vets recommend cutting back their food intake to reduce milk production. A false pregnancy is a term used to describe a female dog showing signs of pregnancy, lactation and nursing, but never produces any puppies. This may be because there were no males to mate with, or she did not have any eggs fertilized.

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Cool Summer Tips for Your Pet

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Protect them from the sun. Personally, I know I can’t spend more than five minutes outside without a thick layer of sunscreen to protect my pale Irish skin. If you pet has short hair, white fur or pink skin, they may need additional protection when out in the sun over the summer months. Talk to your vet about the best type of sunscreen or any other sun protection for your pet.

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When Choosing A Pup, Research ‘Breeds’ Results

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Protect your pooch. Vet bills can be extremely expensive, so insurance is worthwhile depending on the breed and age of your potential dog. The following is a guest post from Kevin Sloan.

Rescue Spotlight: Crest Care

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Here is the Crest Care mission statement: We are a group of individuals living across the United States and Canada, whose goals are to preserve and protect Chinese Cresteds in need. We provide vetting, transportation, and foster homes for each dog in need, until he or she can be carefully matched to an approved home. We work within the framework of local and civil laws, in order to protect both dogs and all parties concerned.

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What To Do If You Find a Pit Bull

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It may feel threatened, and animals that feel threatened instinctually protect themselves. For example, the petting a dog’s tail; an abuser may have done something violent to the dog’s tail, and the dog may try to protect itself when you touch it there. You can have this done at a vet’s office or at a shelter. As a breed, pit bulls have a bad rap. Like every dog they are vulnerable to homelessness and mistreatment.