New Jersey Bear Hunt to Continue as Planned

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22, State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Bob Martin rejected an appeal made by the Animal Protection League of New Jersey (APLNJ) and the West Milford-based Bear Education and Resource (BEAR) Group to postpone the six-day hunt, scheduled for a seven-county region that includes parts of Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Passaic, Morris, Somerset and Bergen counties. Despite efforts by animal rights activists to stop this hunt, it is scheduled to continue.

5 Pet Projects to Bring the Family Together

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This is mainly a project for parents and older kids who can use tools safely. This is another project for older kids, but its quite simple if you have the right tools. Simple, constructive activities to make pets happier.

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Where Does Entertainment Begin and End?

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Juluri is referring to something specific: the Supreme Court's examination of First Amendment protection of acts of cruelty to animals. Is it possible that videos of open rescue or undercover videos taken of vivisection could be somehow lumped in with snuff and other vile videos and considered unacceptable (and don't think that wouldn't be intentional), therefore taking an important tool away from activists?

Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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He writes, "The dog remained a vital tool in biomedical research for more than 300 years and was the vehicle for a remarkable run of medical breakthroughs.". To this day, 95 percent of the animals used in research labs receive no federal protection whatsoever under the Animal Welfare Act." The animal-welfare groups have failed in their most ambitious efforts to protect laboratory rodents. "We It does not make them more or less a "tool."

Tom Regan on the Animal-Rights Movement

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But prejudices die hard, all the more so when, as in the present case, they are insulated by widespread secular customs and religious beliefs, sustained by large and powerful economic interests, and protected by the common law.

BBS Giveaway – Pet Fire Safety Awareness

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According to the National Fire Protection Association , an estimated 1,000 house fires are caused by pets every year. Pet Alert stickers are an incredibly important tool that save many lives each year. Yesterday was Pet Fire Safety Awareness Day.

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EPA Wants to Rely Less on Animal Testing

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Environmental Protection Agency is reducing its reliance on animal testing to assess human risk of chemical toxicity and will instead focus more heavily on the tools made possible by advances in molecular biology, genomics and computational modeling. It's not a move based on compassion, but efficiency. I'll take what I can get though, even if it's not an immediate eradication of a despicable practice. The U.S.

The Horrors of Shark Finning

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Shark finning is the practice of removing fins from live sharks with sharp tools, and then tossing the shark back into the ocean. While there are laws in place protecting endangered species of shark from shark finning, international waters are rarely regulated when it comes to the practice. The following is a guest post about the horrors of shark finning.

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Meat, Cancer, and the Cumulative Case for Ethical Vegetarianism

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Even the most ardent defenders of the morality of using animals for food and as “tools” in scientific experiments admit that premises (1) and (2) are true and acknowledge that (1) and (2) capture something central to our moral relationship to animals. At the time of slaughter, these frightened animals are inhumanely loaded onto trucks and shipped long distances to the slaughterhouse without food or water or protection from the elements.