Alley Cat Allies’ lifesaving spring kitten protection tips

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Trainer Tips for Canine Co-Workers

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Celebrity dog trainer, animal behaviorist and radio host Harrison Forbes offers some helpful tips on appropriate office etiquette for your four-legged companion. Take me to work with you! Friday, June 22 is the 14th annual Pet Sitters International “ Take Your Dog to Work Day.”

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Protect Your Pet From the Ice this Winter

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And while you’re bundled up in your warm jacket and roasting next to a fire, it’s important that your pets are just as protected from the cold as you are—especially smaller pets, old/sickly pets, and new puppies/kittens (they are exceptionally vulnerable to cold). Protect Paws.

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Cool Summer Tips for Your Pet

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After taking the time to read up on proper pet care and soliciting advice and tips from my dog-loving friends, I slowly began to feel comfortable taking care of Trevor as the long weekend progressed. But I’ve never forgotten some of the important tips I learned that first month – especially in regards to keeping your pet safe from the hot summer sun. Below are some of the most important tips I learned about proper summer pet care, all of which I still follow today.

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Sleep Number True Silver Blanket

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Not only is it so soft, with it’s 300 thread-count cotton sateen cover, but it has natural allergy protection which will never wash or wear out! Yes pet loving friends, you read that right, natural allergy protection in your blanket! I’m very excited to share this with you!

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The Worst-Case Scenario Pocket Guide, Dogs!

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Those aren’t all though, it talks about barking, indoor marking, how to get out skunk smell, how to protect yourself from a vicious dog, and even how to rescue a drowning dog! In the meantime, be sure to visit The Worst-Case Scenario blog for great tips about all kinds of situations!

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BBS Giveaway – Pet Fire Safety Awareness

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To make it easier, we’ve assembled some great tips to help you whip your fire prevention strategy into shape! According to the National Fire Protection Association , an estimated 1,000 house fires are caused by pets every year. Be sure to share these tips with friends and family.

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Yogi Bear Giveaway

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The Sierra Club has partnered with Yogi Bear to present bear tips, facts, and information on how to help protect these wonderful creatures and help inform your audience! Yogi Bear features everyone’s favorite talking bear Yogi (Dan Aykroyd) and his adorable sidekick Boo Boo (Justin Timberlake) as they raise havoc with their hair-brained schemes in Jellystone Park much to the chagrin of Ranger Smith (Tom Cavanagh).

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Calling all animal lovers!

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Erubbermaid “Roughneck” homes offers protection from the elements. Follow these tips for getting feral cats to use the homes isn’t too difficult if you think like a cat. For cold windy areas added protection from wind or other elements may be needed.

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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

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Here are the tips and stats that they sent us: Nearly 2,900 letter carriers were bitten by dogs last year, yet that pales in comparison to the 4.7 Your dog’s instinct is to protect the family. Did you know that May 16-22 is National Dog Bit Prevention Week? Neither did we! That is, not until we got an email from the USPS. Now that we know, we are happy to spread the word. They are working hard to help spread that word about how to prevent dog bites.

82-foot-long “Rescue Rig” on Way to Missouri

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For those who live in one of the affected areas, here are some vital tips from American Humane Association on how to keep your pets and other animals safe: [link]. American Humane Association has been protecting children and animals since 1877. Following the devastating tornado that ravaged Joplin, Missouri, American Humane Association has mobilized its famed Red Star Animal Emergency Services™ team to help the animal victims there.

Preparing Your Pet for Winter

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Good tips for the coming cold season. This shelter should have an entrance that faces away from the wind, and be covered to protect against harsh weather conditions. The following is a great guest post from the folks at Pet Care Education! PREPARING YOUR PET FOR WINTER. As the temperatures grow colder, many people are tempted to hunker down indoors with a comforter and hot beverages.

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Nutrition for Dogs: Choosing the Right Food for Your Canine Companion

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About the Author: Jane Warren is a writer providing valuable tips and advice for consumers looking to care for their pets. Feed healthy food to your dog. Nutrition is among the most overlooked areas of responsible pet ownership.

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Reasons Consistently Applied

Animal Ethics

I shall endeavor to protect and take care of all living creatures. Check out PCRM's 21-Day Vegan Kickstart Resource Page , where you will find meal planners; recipe suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; healthy snack alternatives; and tips on how to make over your diet. I suspect that many regular readers of Animal Ethics are already vegetarians.

Moral Vegetarianism, Part 9 of 13

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It is certainly not obvious that these other factors would not tip the scale and allow many animals to live. KBJ: There are two types of rights: autonomy rights, which protect autonomy, and welfare rights, which protect interests. For an explanation of this feature, click on “Moral Vegetarianism” at the bottom of this post. The Argument from Animal Rights A stronger argument is made by people who maintain that animals have rights.

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

21, 2008 To the Editor: The correct response to “The Biggest Beef Recall Ever” is to not just be appalled and sickened at the horrifying treatment of living beings at the Westland/Hallmark Meat Company plant, but to realize that this is almost certainly just the tip of the iceberg, that not just cows are being tortured, but pigs, turkeys, chickens, calves and sheep. To the Editor: Your Feb. 21 editorial “ The Biggest Beef Recall Ever ” made some excellent points.

Keep pets happy and healthy in the cold months ahead.

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The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW; ) has compiled some tips on how to keep pets happy and healthy in the cold months ahead. We think these are all great tips, and wanted to share them with you! A good rule of thumb is to feel the tips of your animal’s ears.

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