Good Idea: Bug Bam Dog Tags!

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An easy way to protect your furry friend from mosquitoes. Bug Bam has launched a new mosquito-repelling dog tag to coincide with Heartworm Awareness Month in April. Bug Bam hopes the 100% natural tags will help reverse this trend. Bug Bam dog tags cost $7.99

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China Calls for Tiger Protection

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India’s newfound partnership with China on environment issues has yielded results in the area of tiger protection as well. In what could be seen as a new year’s gift for the Indian tiger, China’s State Forestry Administration has issued a directive calling for the protection of tigers, especially the need to step up action against illegal trade in tiger parts and products. What kind of protection do they really mean? From the Economic Times (part of the India Times, I think).

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Best Friends Animal Society Helps You Protect Your Pets this Independence Day

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Best Friends four-legged Celebrity Ambassador Lassie encourages everyone to protect pets this Independence Day weekend by keeping them in a safe, comfortable place inside the house during fireworks.

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No Marine Animal Protection from CITES

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The opening line in this USA Today article says it all, "Every proposal to protect marine species at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species meeting in Doha, Qatar was voted down." Tags: CITES marine animals Japan china endangered species It's unfortunate, but true, thanks primarily to Japan and China.

Obama Gets B- on Animal Protection

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The Humane Society gives President Obama a B- on animal protection. Tags: Obama legislation humane society Not that great, but I no longer think of Obama as a progressive anyway. It's probably still better than w.

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Protecting Your Pets from Pests and Disease

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Now that you are aware of the diseases that can be caused by mosquitoes, you may be wondering how to prevent these illnesses and protect your pets. When you want to protect both you and your pets from mosquito-borne diseases, there are several options you could consider.

Seattle People Helping Protect Seal Pups

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The group is called Seal Sitters and they protect baby seals who have been left on the each while their moms fish. Tags: seattle animal rescue marine life seals It's a nice story to offset the cruelty of the dead baby tiger in Hanoi.

Bush Proposes Penguin Protection, Hell Freezes Over

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But it has denied protection under the 1973 Endangered Species Act for three others _ including the emperor and northern rockhopper penguins, the stars of such popular movies as "March of the Penguins" and "Happy Feet.".Environmentalists Tags: bush penguins endangered species Not perfect, but still, wow. The Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to list six species of penguin as threatened species and one _ the African penguin _ as an endangered species.

Southern Senator Stops Confirmation Over Animal Protection

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Sunstein is a Harvard law professor who has written about animal protection issues. Tags: Obama animal rights farm animal welfare politics agribusiness Georgia readers should contact this Republican Senator and ask what's up. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) has put a hold on Cass Sunstein's confirmation as the Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

Lawsuit Filed to Protect US Wolverines

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government Tuesday to protect wolverines under the Endangered Species Act, saying the Interior Department disregarded scientific conclusions that the species is in jeopardy. Fish and Wildlife Service denied the species protection in March and said that even if wolverines disappeared from the lower 48 states, the species would survive because there are larger populations in Canada. Tags: us fish and wildlife endangered species Oh, what a surprise.

Should the Military Force Protect the Environment?

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Thought-provoking article in the Boston Globe.some green thinkers are now coming to a surprising conclusion: In exceptional circumstances, they say, the only effective way to protect the environment may be at the barrel of a gun. For example, a government might refuse to protect - or even willfully destroy - its own natural treasure, as when, in the 1990s, Saddam Hussein's regime drained the wetlands that were home to the persecuted Marsh Arabs.

Bush Earns Some Praise for Ocean Protection

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When you add the roughly 335,000 square-mile-area in the Pacific that is now protected from virtually all fishing to the nearly 700,000 square miles he closed to bottom trawling, the most destructive kind of fishing gear, this president has given future generations an ocean gift nearly the size of Texas and Alaska combined. Tags: bush oceans marine life us This blog pounds on George W. Bush a lot. So, to be fair (and balanced!),

An Animal Rights-Protection-Abolitionist Organization

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The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages calls itself "an animal rights-protection-abolitionist organization," which I find interesting. The well being of the horses should be the ideal of every organization whose mandate is to put animal protection ideals first - especially when they ask for donations based on that mandate. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Greyhound Matters Language

All Sea Turtles Finally Protected in the Bahamas

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Now, they are all protected. Tags: turtles Bahamas endangered species About time. Five of the world’s seven sea turtle species inhabit the Bahamas, and previously it was legal to kill any sea turtle species found there except one, the hawksbill.

Sea Shepherd Goes on Mission to Protect Bluefin Tuna

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Looks like they'll need to since nobody else wants to protect them. Tags: sea shepherd In Qatar yesterday nations voted down a proposed ban on exporting Atlantic bluefin tuna. Greenpeace says the New Zealand Government voted against the ban – spelling disaster for the future of the species. Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully wasn’t available today to confirm how New Zealand voted. But Mr Watson is unfazed by the outcome in Qatar.

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Support the Great Ape Protection Act

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Tags: chimpanzees animal experimentation animal research animal cruelty medical research End the use of chimpanzees in animal experiments. It's unconscionable.

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Montana Passes Horse Slaughterhouse Protection Measure

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Tags: horse slaughter Montana has passed a law making it difficult to challenge the building of a horse slaughtering facility in that state. The last such facility in the US closed in 2007. This bill specifically makes for groups that might oppose it to use the court system to do so. From the bill, which you can read here : Section 2. Judicial review of equine slaughter or processing facilities -- surety bond -- attorney fees -- venue. (1)

Sea Shepherd to Head to Mediterranean to Protect Tuna

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Sea Shepherd will be sending the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker to the Mediterranean to help protect Bluefin Tuna. Tags: sea shepherd

Congo Rebels Claim They Are Protecting the Gorillas

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We are protecting them,” said Babu Amani, a rebel spokesman. France began circulating a draft resolution on Monday that would temporarily authorize an additional 3,085 troops and police officers for the peacekeeping mission in the Congo to protect civilians in the eastern part of the country. Tags: virunga war congo gorillas This New York Times article doesn't have much new to report. I did notice this though.

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Animal Legal Defense Fund Ranks States on Animal Protection

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The ALDF has released a report on how different states' animal protection laws stack up. Tags: animal law Among the best: California, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Oregon. And the worst: Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa, Arkansas, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, South Dakota, Wyoming You can check out the whole report on their web site.

Possible New Sonar Rules to Protect Marine Life

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Tags: seattle navy marine life whales pacific northwest The use of sonar is controversial because of its harmful effects on marine life such as whales. The Navy has been able to get away with using it for "national security" reasons. But there may be rules on their way to help mitigate the damage, at least in the Pacific Northwest. From the Seattle P-I (yep, the online newspaper!). A new set of rules might be in the works for the U.S.

National Security or Whale Protection? Supreme Court Says Whales Lose

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Tags: us supreme court whale sonar military Not surprising. On the one hand, there is “the potential for harm to marine mammals,” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. said Wednesday at a Supreme Court argument over the Navy’s use of sonar in training exercises off the coast of Southern California.

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Appeal Denied for Six Activists Convicted Under AEPA

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Six members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty were convicted at a 2006 trial in New Jersey of conspiracy to violate the 1992 Animal Enterprise Protection Act. The law, since revised, aimed to protect animal research laboratories from illegal, sometimes violent protests. Tags: huntingdon animal enterprise protection act It was a 2-1 decision by the US Court of Appeals. From the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Tags: Animal Rights Animal Welfare Environmental Concerns Farmed Animals Veganism animal agriculture and the environment Animal Protection Organizations farm sanctuary vegan food Barnivore - This website can help you determine which beers/wines/alcohols are vegan and which aren’t. The Recycled Retriever – Here you can find eco-friendly gear for your fur-kids.

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Getting Emotional

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The mama bear was trying to get him back up but she couldn’t and eventually she had to leave him so that she could protect her other cub and herself. Tags: Animal Cruelty Animal Welfare Farmed Animals animal suffering pictures animal activism make a difference Veganism wildlife dogs polar bears Sometimes being an animal rights advocate is emotionally exhausting. Today is one of those days.

More Drivel Out of CITES

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As noted in another post, no protections for marine mammals. But plenty of drivel about improving law enforcement for wildlife protection. Tags: wildlife crime law enforcement CITES BS Just more drivel out of a toothless organization.

UK Science Minister Says Public More Accepting of Animal Testing

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According to this interview, he credits animal rights extremists for fueling the public backlash against animal protection. Tags: UK animal research Discouraging article.

Palin's War on Beluga Whales

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Salon has a pretty good piece up about Sarah Palin's attempt to deny protection for beluga whales all for the sake of the oil industry. Tags: whales Palin

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On Killing Cows to Save Elephants

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In other words, it's so tragic that elephants are in mortal danger that you should kill cows to help protect the imperiled elephants? Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics

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On Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS

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For only $450,000, we could buy almost all of the habitat neded to protect Ecuador's remaining frogs. Tags: Activism Books Current Affairs Ethics Language 100 Heartbeats animal rights Jeff Corwin veganism

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On "That's Why We Don't Eat Animals"

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Interestingly, the book begins with "Pets," explaining that "All animals deserve the care and protection we give our pets," which is a promising notion for the start of this type of children's book. Tags: Activism Books Ethics Gray Matters Language

Slate on Pepper: Stolen for Research

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Her death on an operating table in the Bronx would help animal welfare advocates break a long-standing stalemate in Congress and push through the most significant animal-protection bill in American history. Was what followed animal protection or pet protection, as pets are the animals who really matter? Tags: Economics Ethics Daniel Engber, senior editor at Slate , has posted the first of a five-part series about animals used for research.

On Foundation Beyond Belief

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Here are my initial thoughts, though: "Animal Protection." On the upside, you don't have to give any money to animal protection if your beliefs aren't represented by the choice of groups being supported. Good, as I can learn from others about the pluses and minuses of groups that are new to me, and bad, as (see "Animal Protection") the members might choose a group I wouldn't support. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Religion

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Online Survey on Ethics and Animals

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A new survey is getting the attention of many within the global animal protection community. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Language Covering both moral and strategic issues, the "Ethics and Animals" survey will provide a snapshot of our movement as of the present moment. Everyone is invited to participate and share their views on what's best for animals. The survey is at , and its closing date has been extended to Monday, July 13, 2009.

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SHAC7 Trailer

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But when our First Amendment rights have been diminished as an activist group and we're being unfairly targeted and called "terrorists" and not afforded equal protection, it feels strange to protest against other vegans. Tags: Activism Film Gray Matters SHAC 7 Trailer from Sparrow Media on Vimeo.

"Creature Quotes" Is Here!

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We unwittingly partake of activities that hurt, physically and mentally, the very creatures we admire and seek to protect from harm (5).". Tags: Activism Books Ethics Language Amy Gutman animal rights J.M. " Creature Quotes: Advancing Toward Freedom For All Species ," compiled and edited by SBH Clay, is now available. From the Introduction : "Humans are fascinated by animals. For all our devotion, though, we sometimes seem not to recognize the needs and wants of animals.

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On the Banning of Eating Cats and Dogs in China

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Here's an interesting combination of great sentiment and horrible sentiment that involves two responses from the above list: "Online critics said it was hypocritical to protect only dogs and cats, and that the government should focus on human welfare before protecting animals." Yes, it is hypocritical (speciesism), but who said that we either protect humans or animals? Tags: Activism Current Affairs Economics Ethics Food and Drink

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Panda Bites Tourist in China

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Maybe the Beijing Zoo should start protecting the panda more so it doesn't have to protect itself from these idiots. Tags: zoos pandas china The tourist was trying to retrieve his child's toy. Stupid, stupid, stupid. It's the third visitor the panda has bitten.

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There Oughta Be A Law Contest

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The Humane Society Legislative Fund is having a contest where you can submit your idea for a new law protecting animals. Tags: HSUS The winner will get a trip to Washington DC to lobby for it with HSLF staff.

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Wolf Killng Begins in Alaska

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of Fish and Game hopes to kill up to 328 wolves in order to protect caribou calves. Tags: wolves The Alaska Dept. The LA Times Greenspace blog has the story.

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Australian Youth Least Passionate About Ending Whaling

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This finding was one of the survey results announced by the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Tags: australia whales That sucks. Young people are the future of conservation. And they are going to be stuck with a lot of shit that we're leaving for them.

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A Win-Lose Proposition for Farmers and Consumers

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Perhaps just as ironic is the mission of the NASDA, which includes "protection of animal and plant health, stewardship of our environment, and promoting the vitality of our rural communities.". Tags: Activism Current Affairs Economics Ethics Food and Drink Language

We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled.

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President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder had been a Covington partner and a defender of Chiquita when the company was accused of hiring “assassination squads” in Colombia (Chiquita was found guilty, admitting that it had paid organizations listed by the US government as terrorist groups “for protection” and agreeing in 2004 to a $25 million fine). (3) Tags: Activism Current Affairs Economics Ethics