Canine Arthritis

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Arthritis occurs when the protective cartilage, or lubrication (synovial fluid) of the joints breaks down. Apply Heat on Sore Joints. Avoid walking when it is too cold out, as the joints will be especially sore. Massages and acupuncture provide relief for sore, inflamed joints and will help to loosen these areas up. Arthritis is a very painful and common condition that affects older dogs.

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Happy Tails: Ethel

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She looked very frightened, neglected and we found her to be in a lot of discomfort due to a very bad infection in her eye; she was unable to open one eye and her other eye looked very sore.

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Animal Ethics

It also offers an equally harsh negative judgment of the federal authorities whose mandate is to protect the integrity of the public’s food supply chain but who have chosen to interpret this responsibility so lightly as to let such claims stand while ignoring repeated offenses by the industry. To the Editor: Re “ The Burger That Shattered Her Life: Trail of E. Coli Shows Flaws in Ground Beef Inspection System ” (front page, Oct. 4): Your article about E.

Animal Advocates' Successes Have Factory Farmers Running Scared

Animal Ethics

The column, which you can read here , is a call to arms to factory farmers to fight back against those individuals and organizations working to protect farm animals from the abuses inherent in factory farms. Recent victories by animal protection advocates have an increasing number of pro-factory-farming lobbyists worried about the future of animal agriculture. If Loos thinks that animal agribusiness will win the argument on ethical grounds, he is sorely mistaken.

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