5 Sure-Fire Ways to Protect Your Pet From the Ice this Winter

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And while you’re bundled up in your warm jacket and roasting next to a fire, it’s important that your pets are just as protected from the cold as you are—especially smaller pets, old/sickly pets, and new puppies/kittens (they are exceptionally vulnerable to cold). Protect Paws. Thus it’s important to help protect the soles of their feet when taking them for a walk outside.

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Farm Animal Welfare Fight Heats Up in Ohio

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Would such a bill lead to jurisdiction over puppy mill breeders as well? If it passes, it will encourage other states' ag industries to go on the offensive to protect their "raw materials.". Issue 2 in Ohio would create 13-member state board to oversee the care of farm animals in the State.

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Blue-Collar Dogs on Nat Geo WILD

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In the video: “Guide Dog Puppies” – Meet some of the cutest guide dogs you’ll ever meet! Customs and Border Protection stand guard over land borders, deserts and urban ports of entry. In this video: Video “Puppies Behind Bars” – Meet a black lap puppy who’s doing hard time. We are excited to share some sneak peeks of a great new show, Blue-Collar Dogs.

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Humane Society Endorses Obama

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The Obama-Biden ticket is the better choice on animal protection, and we urge all voters who care about the humane treatment of animals, no matter what their party affiliation, to vote for them. has been a solid supporter of animal protection at both the state and federal levels. Not a big surprise considering McCain's VP choice.

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False Pregnancies In Dogs

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A false pregnancy is a term used to describe a female dog showing signs of pregnancy, lactation and nursing, but never produces any puppies. She may try to create a nest to keep her puppies in. She will carry these objects around and mother them as if they were her puppies. She may become territorial and protective of these “puppies”, which can actually cause problems for some households.

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Dogs of Courage

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From wildlife protection and conservation, as service canines for inmates, during search and rescue missions, in fires, as therapists, and for medical-detection purposes, and more, dogs are working hard for us all the time. A Rottweiler named Sheba who broke free from her chain and rescued nine of her puppies after her owner buried them alive in a two-foot deep grave because they weren’t purebred.

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Taste of the Wild Pet Food Giveaway!

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Taste of the Wild is an all-life stages food that is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of pets throughout all stages of life, from puppy and kitten to senior years. It contains taurine to protect heart health and has lower protein and fat than the Taste of the Wild High Prairie and Wetlands formula, which may be a better option if dog owners are looking for a diet in lower fat or calories. Taste of the Wild has recently launched new dog and cat food formulas!

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Handbags are a Dog’s Best Friend

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Tails are sure to wag on Friday, June 12t h as Luna Boston hosts “Doggies + Bags,” a special benefit party for the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS). A Luna Boston stylist will be on-hand to help you update your wardrobe for summer with the latest trends, and twenty-five percent of all proceeds made during the event will be donated to help CAPS in its mission to protect companions from cruelty and inhumane breeding practices in Pet Shops and Puppy Mills.

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The Blue House Dog

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It’s a fictitious account of the story narrated by a young boy named Cody who lost his beloved puppy to an unexplained ailment. The homeless dog, once called Bones, renamed Blue, who played a “hide and seek game” with Cody, to protect himself and stay alive, ends up at Cody’s side. “I Today we have a lovely guest post from author Deborah Blumenthal. A New York Times story that ran in 2001 about a homeless dog wandering around a suburban part of New York City, struck a chord with me.

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From Yesterday's New York Times

Animal Ethics

To the Editor: Re “ A Disgraceful Farm Bill ” (editorial, May 16): While the farm bill recently approved by Congress deals with enormous agricultural policy issues, it also includes three important provisions to protect animal welfare. The bill also bans the importation of puppies from foreign puppy mills, and increases penalties for violations of the Animal Welfare Act from $2,500 to $10,000.

Dog Whisperer and Philly Undercover Premiere Jan 7, 2012

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After Dog Whisperer, Philly Undercover, the new six-part series in which the PSPCA’s undercover police team works to eliminate dogfighting and protect all animals from abuse and neglect, premieres. Armed with a hidden camera and a borrowed puppy, the team arrests an underground veterinarian suspected of illegal ear cropping and responds to an extreme case of animal hoarding, where 15 cats are found living in unbearable conditions.

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When Choosing A Pup, Research ‘Breeds’ Results

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At an NYC puppy shelter a few weeks ago, my mind was just about made up when I met Chester – The cutest Lab puppy I’d ever seen. Protect your pooch. The following is a guest post from Kevin Sloan. His large pouty eyes, silky fur-coat, and silly little paws on which he fumbled all over the hay-covered kennel, lured me in like a dog to a bone.

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Animal Ethics

There are puppies with puppy breath and slobbery kisses; young dogs with enthusiasm, devotion and intelligence; older dogs with patience, loyalty and wisdom. But one thing they all have in common is the strongest desire imaginable to love you, protect you and bond with you. Cherishing her puppy days but also cherishing every moment we have together, and all the smiles and laughs because of her.

It’s Only Hygienic

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Just like humans can take supplements for vitamins to have and protect healthy joints, dogs, cats and horses can also take supplements like Cosequin to improve and maintain your pet’s joints. Not only does it help young puppies and dogs, kittens and cats or foals and horses develop stronger joints for their future, it can also help older animals with joint problems improve their condition.

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The Animal Legal Defense Fund Public Registries

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Such registries would help protect animals, pet guardians and communities by preventing repeat offenses from anyone with an established history of abusing animals. Through its campaign, www.ExposeAnimalAbusers.org , the animal protection organization is promoting model legislation that state legislatures could enact. Shon Rahrig : While living in Ohio in 1999, Rahrig allegedly adopted several cats and a puppy from local shelters and tortured them sadistically.

Why Your Dog Barks

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Dog barking can signify needs, protection, and dominance. Sometimes it may be a sign of aggression or protective instinct. Puppies tend to learn quicker because they soak in information you provide for them. Barking is a natural means of communication for a dog. There are many different types of barks, and different tones may have different meanings. Some breeds are simply “barking dogs”. These may include German Shepherds, Dobermans or Bloodhounds.

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From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

To the Editor: In his past comments about protecting animals and nature, Pope Benedict XVI is building upon the Roman Catholic Church’s tradition of promoting faithful stewardship of all creatures (“ A Cat Lover in the Vatican Strikes a Chord With Cat Lovers Around the World ,” news article, April 20). The Episcopal Church embraces a resolution that specifically addresses puppy mills and factory farms.

Getting Emotional

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The mama bear was trying to get him back up but she couldn’t and eventually she had to leave him so that she could protect her other cub and herself. Then today I read a story about a man who broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and put her 5 month old puppy in the oven and killed him , and I got EVEN SADDER. Sometimes being an animal rights advocate is emotionally exhausting. Today is one of those days.

Nutrition for Dogs: Choosing the Right Food for Your Canine Companion

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Puppy, senior, and large breed dog foods all offer benefits, but not all special formulations are created equally. Feed healthy food to your dog. Nutrition is among the most overlooked areas of responsible pet ownership. Many people simply buy what is on sale at their local grocery store, never realizing that there are huge differences in quality between pet food brands. But just like with people, the quality of your dog’s diet can dramatically affect their short and long-term health.

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