University of Arizona Gets Grant for Animal Lab

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The University of Arizona College of Medicine won a $15 million federal stimulus grant to build a facility for research animals in downtown Phoenix. It will be located next to the planned health sciences education building at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus. Another Arizona story! They are certainly on the animal research kick. From the Arizona Daily Star.

"Earthlings" Available as Audio Book

Critter News

"Earthlings" is a film about animal abuse narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. Earthlings is a feature-length documentary about how dependent human beings are on animals, primarily in five key areas: pets, food, clothing, entertainment and science. The film, which is narrated by Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix and features music by platinum-selling recording artist Moby, would take another six years to complete because of the difficulty in obtaining footage within these industries.

Rescue Spotlight: Kitten Rescue

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Previous events have featured live entertainment from the Phoenix Projekt Fire Dancers, Kodama Taiko Drummers, The Panache Orchestra, and various film presentations about Kitten Rescue. Event partners and sponsors include: PETCO, Central Life Sciences, Natural Balance, Febreze and Dyson. Kitten Rescue is a wonderful animal rescue organization! Founded in 1997, it has become one of the largest animal rescue groups in Los Angeles.