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Also, the island of New Guinea appeared as a whole, or as its parts, the eastern independent country of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the western West Papua province of Indonesia. 4%: Mexico, West Papua (Indonesia), New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya. 6%: Antarctica, Argentina, Indonesia (including the votes for West Papua), India. 10%: Australia, Papua New Guinea.

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Pied Imperial Pigeon in the Bahamas

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Way back in February when I was enjoying a family-and-friends vacation on New Providence in the Bahamas I wisely hired the best – and the only – bird guide on the island, Carolyn Wardle , for half a day to show me around some of the hotspots and help me find endemics and other species I wanted to see. It is unclear when, exactly, the Pied Imperial Pigeon became established on New Providence in the Bahamas other than it happened in the last decade.

Georgian Raptor Protector Up for “Green Oscar”

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More than 30 different raptor species pass through this area, called the most vital flyway in the western Palearctic. But he’s got stiff competition, including peers working to save Tree Kangaroos in Papua New Guinea, Sumatran Orangutans in Indonesia, and Snow Leopards in Pakistan. Sparrowhawk photo by Freek Verdonckt, Batumi Raptor Count.

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The longest way to Costa Rica goes around the world!

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Reachable by direct flights from Portugal, the island country of Sao Tome and Principe lying in the Gulf of Guinea, in the armpit of Africa, has about 140 bird species and 28 endemics – more endemics per square mile than anywhere else on Earth. The main island of Sao Tome has about 100 species and 17 endemics among them. Visiting both islands, almost all endemics are possible (although 2 are hard to get), among some 60 to 70 species birdable in 10 days.

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Birding crème de la crème: Asia – Corbett to Taman Negara

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I bought a new rucksack yesterday and the first thing I checked when I brought it home was, how easily my spotting scope with a mounted window clamp fits in – test passed with flying colours. In early November 2020, there were 15 countries with more than 1000 species eBirded so far.

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Purple Swamphen: Supertramp or superspecies?

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The colorful Purple Swamphen ( Porphyrio porphyrio ) lives in wetlands from Portugal and Senegal all the way east to New Zealand and the Samoan Islands, and a feral population is now well established in Florida. In their new study, Juan Carlos García-Ramírez and Steve Trewick of New Zealand’s Massey University suggest that the genus Porphyrio (from a Greek word for purple ) likely originated in Africa and colonized the world from there.

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Big White Bird survey

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They would like to know the numbers of these species around Australia on that date and surrounding dates. These species wander far and wide and with the addition of wing tags they have been able to confirm movements as far away as Papua New Guinea. Some birds have been fitted with GPS tracking devices and move information on their movements will be discovered with this new modern technology.

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Africa’s remarkable long tailed birds

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A Long-tailed Sylph, one of the America’s many long tailed hummingbird species, photographed in Colombia by Adam Riley. A Great Argus in full call, this species’ tail consists of the longest feather in the bird world. The amazing Ribbon-tailed Astrapia of Papua New Guinea sports the longest tail in proportion to body size of any bird in the world. The 9 species of whydah are brood-parasitic seedeaters belonging to the Indigobird family.


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The previous set up made sure that you discounted 20 years of working in difficult jungle in remote countries to better understand and conserve rare and interesting species, and gets you ready to treat him like the truly arrogant monster he undoubtedly is. The unique behaviors this mysterious species might exhibit? I used the collections in Australasia to examine how climate and isolation affected the sized and shape of birds across New Zealand.

Introducing the African Birding Beat

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Approximately 2,300 bird species inhabit Africa, however as impressive as that sounds, much smaller South America boasts nearly 1,000 species more. Besides these truly African families, Africa abounds in a wealth of species in other more widespread groups; weavers, barbets, kingfishers, sunbirds, rollers, bee-eaters, and dare I mention them, cisticolas! Madagascar’s mammals are equally remarkable; over 100 species of endearing lemurs and bizarre carnivores amongst them!

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Meet Suliformes, one of the newest orders of birds

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Meet Suliformes, one of the newest orders of birds Meet Suliformes, one of the newest orders of birds By David • March 12, 2011 • 8 comments Tweet Share There I was (I’ve been reading Thurber) on board a boat off Baja California, reveling in cormorants (three species!),

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Birds of Paradise and Bowerbirds: An Identification Guide?A Book Review

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The speaker turned out to be Tim Laman, and the topic was the incredible research he and Ed Scholes had spent years doing on birds of paradise in New Guinea. I am puzzled why the Superb Lophorina is not depicted separately in non-display plumage, the only species with this omission.

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Birds of the Indonesian Archipelago: Greater Sundas and Wallacea–A Field Guide Review

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Birds of the Indonesian Archipelago covers 1,417 species, 601 endemics, 98 vagrants, 8 introduced and 18 undescribed species. They studied skins in museums around the world and worked with the artists of Lynx to update the illustrations from Handbook of Birds of the World and to add new ones. Species Accounts. The maps are small and arrows are used to indicate the species’ presence on the small islands that make up a good part of the archipelago.

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What is a Catbird?

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Catbirds are a group of rather distantly related species all named for the fact that they make sounds that remind some of a cat meowing. Birds called catbirds include two species in the New World family, Mimidae, four from the bowerbird family, Ptilonorhynchidae, and one from the Old World babblers, Timaliidae. Both catbird species in the Americas are part of the family Mimidae along with the mockingbirds , thrashers, and tremblers.

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Ferntree Gully-Dandenong Ranges National Park

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We wanted to try and observe some of the bush species that we have encountered in the tall trees of New South Wales on previous holidays. We also had to remind ourselves of familiar sounds that we had heard before, but could not instantly remember the species. There were several species of honeyeaters in the area, but getting a good look took some time.

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It’s the Holiday Season — Give Birding Books!

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The ABA series currently lists guides on New Jersey (Rick Wright), Florida (Bill Pranty), Arizona (Rick Wright), Colorado (Ted Floyd), and California (Alvaro Jamarillo). These include Pennsylvania (George Armistead) and, the one we 10,000 Birds beat writers are really looking forward to, The ABA Field Guide to Birds of New York , by Corey Finger. Mack tells the story of how he set up a research station, and a life, in Papua New Guinea.

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