Miracle Babies; Pandas and Leopards

4 The Love Of Animals

Each animal they raise to adulthood is a step away from extinction, with the ultimate challenge to return them to the wild. Miracle Babies: Baby Pandas. The giant panda is one of the world’s most iconic species, but its population numbers are critically low. It is extremely difficult for female pandas to reproduce in captivity, but the city of Chengdu in central China has become the worldwide epicenter for panda reproduction.

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4 The Love Of Animals

Do you love pandas? This year’s theme is “PandaQuest” which shifts the focus from panda breeding and rehabilitation in captivity to re-introduction in the wild. Pambassador finalists will participate in the current panda release plan, designed to re-introduce captive bears into the wild. Be sure to enter for the chance to see pandas and help spread the word about these loveable, endangered animals.

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