Springtime Tree Cutting and Wildlife

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The Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center in Norristown covers four Pennsylvania counties (including Philadelphia) and takes in over 3000 animals a year. After a similar procedure, Moya’s watch-me-pull-a-rabbit-out-of-my-hat trick produced a fuzzy nestling Eastern Screech Owl.

Bird Litigation: Spotted Owl v. Barred Owl

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The Northern Spotted Owl is a “ threatened ” species under the U.S. Although most of the threats to the Spotted Owl relate to its dwindling old growth forest habitat, it also faces potential threats from another bird. The Barred Owl has greatly expanded its range, such that it is now common in the Pacific Northwest. Indeed, due to dramatic increase, Barred Owls can outnumber Spotted Owls in their shared habitats. Fish & Wildlife Serv.,

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Great Horned Owls on camera!

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The family of Great Horned Owls featured on OwlCam.co It all started a few years back when the current owner purchased … Continue reading → The post Great Horned Owls on camera! wildlife is just hours away from welcoming new chicks! There are 3 eggs, and high hopes that all will hatch. appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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Snowy Owl Ethics

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He is currently a Fish and Wildlife Technician with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and a Graduate Research Assistant at the Research Foundation for SUNY. When he reached out to ask if he could contribute a piece to 10,000 Birds about about the ethics around the current Snowy Owl irruption in the central and eastern United States we were all for it! “In In support of the Snowys I will not be liking any more Snowy Owl photos.”.

The 701 Long-eared Owl of Kikinda

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Have you heard of a small town in Serbia graced by the presence of its 700 communally roosting Long-eared Owls ? You may have read about them in the Wall Street Journal , the BBC Wildlife Magazine , or perhaps watched them on BBC, who filmed them here twice, for the Planet Earth II in 2015 and for the One Planet in 2018. The best decorated single tree had 145 owls in its crown. Rightfully, this town centre doubles as a nature reserve – an officially protected owl habitat.

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Owls of the Eastern Ice: A Quest to Find and Save the World’s Largest Owl–A Book Review

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Here are some of the questions that were running through my mind as I read Owls of the Eastern Ice: A Quest to Find and Save the World’s Largest Owl : (a) Is ornithological research always this dangerous? (b) because, if the film rights to this book have not been snapped up yet, Hollywood is making a huge mistake) (c) Will I ever see a Blakiston’s Fish Owl? The fish owl is Jonathan Slaght’s grail and also, more prosaically, his dissertation topic.

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Come to India With Babita Wildlife Tours!

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Babita Tours has many years of experience organizing tailor-made wildlife tours for private groups in this wonderful country. On night drives here looking for Eurasian Eagle Owl and nightjars you have a very good chance of seeing Striped Hyena.

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Great Horned Owl Along Fellsmere Grade Road

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On the second day of the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival I wasn’t scheduled to lead any field trips. Astute readers, er, well, readers with any brain activity at all, will probably have realized by now that the lump was a Great Horned Owl ! I got out of the car and watched the owl for awhile. It was great to watch an owl in the wide open through the scope which gathered what little light there was very well so that I could distinguish every plumage detail.

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It is thought that this owl has always been rare. An individual was located in Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary in the Thane district in 2014.” The post THE QUEST FOR THE RAREST OWL OF INDIA appeared first on 10,000 Birds. Trips endangered species India Maharashtra owlets owls Pamela Rasmussen

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Get Thee To A Wildlife Rehabilitator

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Why does this little Screech Owl look so horrified? If that’s not possible, she needs the knowledgeable care of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Wildlife rehabbers love the public. Why do wildlife rehabilitators not love the public? The state of Indiana has been soliciting comments for a bill which would make the above scenario legal for 90 days, creating an uproar among those who are licensed to care for injured and orphaned wildlife.

Snowy Owls Being Shot at JFK Airport

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Well, this doesn’t seem to make much sense : The Port Authority doesn’t give a hoot about the lives of snowy owls. The agency that oversees the city’s airports has added the majestic snowy owl to the list of birds it kills to protect airplanes from bird strikes. The Port Authority’s “wildlife specialists” started exterminating the owls Saturday, killing three at JFK Airport with a shotgun, a Port Authority source said.

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Wildlife Rehabilitator War Wounds

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Injured wildlife are not the most cooperative of patients. Wildlife rehabilitators have an arsenal of equipment and techniques we use to protect ourselves. I was working at the Coastal Wildlife Rescue Center here in Alabama, and he had either been blown in during a storm or caught a ride on a ship. I went into a cage of young Great Horned Owls one night carrying thawed rats,” said Linda Hufford. “I Birds wildlife rehabilitator injuries wildlife rehabilitators

Barred Owl Love, Freakin Owlsome!

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In late January this year we were commissioned by Florida’s Space Coast to produce an episode on the birding of the area and the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival. We had scheduled one of our afternoons to go and look for Barred Owls in the Palm Bay area of Brevard County. But the suburbs, with their substantial stands of oak trees, are home to a healthy population of these beautiful owls. Amazing that they named their restaurants for these lovely owls.

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The Owls of Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, Texas

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One of the highlights of birding in this Texas state park is the chance to see five owl species that breed here. This is made even sweeter by the hope of seeing two extremely rare US visitors – the Mottled Owl and the Stygian Owl. As I am only a word herder with miniscule picture-making skills, my favorite wildlife photographers have graciously shared their work with us. Let’s enjoy the owls of Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Barn Owl. Elf Owl.

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Montana is Owl Country

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There is an International Festival of Owls. They give out a “Champion of Owls” award. Holt founded the Owl Research Institute , an organization that focuses on long-term studies of a variety of species of owls, as well as their prey species and environments. The ORI maintains a research station in the Mission Valley of Western Montana, neighboring the Ninepipes National Wildlife Refuge. Saw-whet Owl photo by Todd Zino a.

Nisqually Delta Wildlife Refuge

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Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. I had a nice visit with the local biologist, who gave me a heads up on where to find some owls, but try as I might, I never was able to locate them. I did however, make every possible effort to turn this bit of moss and leaves in to an owl, but not much luck there either. Birding bird photography Migratory Species National Refuges Nisqually Wildlife Refuge State of Washington

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How Close Is “Too Close” To An Owl?

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” My question that I hope you can help me with is what would be considered a safe distance to photograph Northern Saw-what Owls? Would this be considered a threat to these owls?” First I applaud the photographer for actually asking the question of how close to get to a Saw-whet Owl. With casual bird watchers out numbering hardcore bird watchers, people with a camera and an interest in wildlife are not going to have all the facts about wildlife before they go out.

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Wildlife Rehabilitators vs. Bird Thieves

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I’d check my bank statements anyway,” cracked Michele Wellard, of Pennsylvania’s Schuylkill Center Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic , during one of our frequent Rehabber FaceBook Free-For-Alls. The Common Grackle pictured at left was a patient at Wildlife Care Alliance in Virginia. “I The nighttime version of this occurred at Louise Shimmel’s Cascades Raptor Center in Oregon, when her education director took their Barn Owl to the flight cage for some exercise.

Butte Valley Wildlife Area and Meiss Lake

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A few weeks ago I led a field trip to Butte Valley Wildlife Area. It was a destination I had never experienced so I made a few phone calls and got some information from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife agent who actually runs both the Butte Valley and the Shasta Valley Wildlife Areas, which are about 25 miles apart. Like many “wildlife areas” it is open to waterfowl hunting during the season.

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The Western Screech-Owl Nests in Tree Cavities

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Western Screech-Owl ( Megascops kennicottii ) photos by Larry Jordan It’s been an interesting winter in my neck of the woods. Personally, I’m waiting for the irruption of Snowy Owls to reach northern California! We dipped on the sapsucker but while we were there, a group of birders from Southern California stumbled upon this Western Screech-Owl ( Megascops kennicottii ) a few hundred yards from our location. Birding California owls Twitching Western Screech-Ow

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Some of My Favorite National Wildlife Refuge Photos

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I think most of you know how important our National Wildlife Refuge system is to me. After all, I have written several posts on wildlife conservation and the Wildlife Conservation Pass that my co-founder Ingrid Taylar and I have been encouraging for years. This week I have simply put together a post featuring several of my favorite photos, all taken on our National Wildlife Refuges. The auto tour route at SNWR even holds Great Horned Owls ( Bubo virginianus ).

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My Top 12 Wildlife Watching Moments

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Today is the United Nations World Wildlife Day, a time to celebrate and raise awareness of the living world around us. 10000birds.com/the-search-for-the-rarest-owl-of-india.htm. What are your best wildlife moments? And what are your wildlife dreams? Trips Africa Europe India World Wildlife DayI remember, several times while motionlessly surveying birds, I found myself being investigated by Striped Field Mice , who would dare to come to sniff me.

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“Wild Rwanda – Where to watch birds, primates, and other wildlife”

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The “Wild Rwanda – Where to watch birds, primates, and other wildlife” gives you the info how and where to look for both birds and mammals (not just primates, the title is somewhat misleading). The “Wild Rwanda – Where to watch birds, primates, and other wildlife” combines Ken, Christian and Keith’s birding skills, African expertise and story-telling talent. Wild Rwanda – Where to watch birds, primates, and other wildlife.

Snowy Owl Shot in Kansas

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As bad as birders think photographers are and photographers think birders are neither is as bad as the jerk who took a pot shot at a Snowy Owl in Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area, near Great Bend, Kansas. The bird was brought in to a veterinarian but it was too late and the owl died.

Soccer Player Kicks Owl on Field?

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Asides / Soccer Player Kicks Owl on Field? Soccer Player Kicks Owl on Field? By Mike • March 2, 2011 • 3 comments Tweet Share During a soccer game in Colombia, a player kicked an owl that was on the field. The bird, which looked like a Barn Owl , was the mascot for the opposing team and died from its injuries.

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White-faced Ibis at Colusa National Wildlife Refuge

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After several minutes of this deep water foraging behavior, this White-faced Ibis made its way toward me into more shallow water Posed for a little while, and then began to preen I’m glad I took the time to visit Colusa National Wildlife Refuge on this day. Forgotten Owls When Is A Tanager A Spindalis? His recent focus is on bringing the Western Burrowing Owl back to life in California where he also monitors several bluebird trails.

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How To (And Not To) Transport Wild Birds

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Occasionally I host wildlife rehabilitator vent-fests, where I post a question on Facebook and duly note the rehabber responses. Today’s topic comes from Tracy Anderson in Hawaii: what was the strangest container (or method of transport) in which you have received wildlife?

Giveaway of the Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil: The.

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / competitions / Giveaway of the Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil: The Pantanal & Cerrado of Central Brazil Giveaway of the Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil: The Pantanal & Cerrado of Central Brazil By Corey • March 3, 2011 • 7 comments Tweet Share Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is that time again!

Welcome Back Waterfowl at Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge

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Around thirty miles from Missoula in the Bitterroot Valley lies the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge. At last we plunged into the woods, hoping for Great Horned Owls. Fish and Wildlife Service a. Birding national wildlife refuge waterfowl

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Only Nine Days Until the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival!

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Herons and raptors and rails and gulls and ducks and cranes and jays and owls and alligators are all awaiting me – and you – at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival. Blue-winged Teal like these at Meritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in 2012 certainly count as good birds. Destinations Florida Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival I can’t wait until Space Coast!

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Anhinga Trail at Dawn — a Wildlife Spectacle

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I challenge that false notion and welcome those to visit Anhinga Trail in late winter and see one of the great wildlife spectacles of Florida. Along the trail, the barking duets of Barred Owl and whistled trills of Eastern Screech-Owl slowly diminish and give way to the wailing rattles of Limpkin and raspy notes of King Rail as sunrise draws closer.

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Power Companies and Springtime Tree Removal

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Maggie Ciarcia, a solo wildlife rehabilitator in Carmel, NY specializing in small mammals and game birds, received a notice from New York State Electric and Gas that tree trimming was scheduled for her neighborhood and someone would contact her. No wildlife rescue required.

Birds of Kruger National Park and Wildlife of Ecuador: Two WILDGuides Reviewed

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Birds of Kruger National Park by Keith Barnes and Ken Behrens and Wildlife of Ecuador by Andrés Vásquez Noboa, photography by Pablo Cervantes Daza are the latest titles in Princeton University Press’s WildGuides Wildlife Explorer Series, a series focused on the “general reader,” the layperson, the traveler who is not a “birder” but who wants to know what bird or animal or amphibian or reptile she’s observing.

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Where to Find Me at the 2015 Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

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The 18th Annual Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival is less than a month away and while we don’t have snow down yet here in New York City I am pretty sick of cold weather and could use some warmth and Florida sunshine! John’s National Wildlife Refuge” trip. … 10,000 Birds is a Scrub Jay level sponsor of the 2015 Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival. … Destinations festivals Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

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Winner of the Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil Giveaway

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / competitions / Winner of the Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil Giveaway Winner of the Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil Giveaway By Corey • March 12, 2011 • No comments yet Tweet Share There were many excellent entries in the Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil: The Pantanal & Cerrado of Central Brazil giveaway.

Review: Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil – The.

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And it looks even better in my hands while I dream about a visit to regions of Brazil I had scarcely heard of before being provided with a review copy of the first volume of the Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil.* • Explore These Related Posts The Future of Birding Field Guides is Digital Most Wanted Birds in Brazil Winner of the Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil Giveaway Fun, Fun, Fun Crossley ID Guide Giveaway Review of The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds.Or

Mikal Deese: Dead Bird Flies Again For Love

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This guest blog was written by Mikal Deese, Wildlife Educator, Rehabilitator, and founder of On A Wing And A Prayer in Corrales, New Mexico. Back in October, ON A WING AND A PRAYER was brought an injured Great Horned Owl who had been found on the median of a rural interstate highway several hundred miles away She was a great big female, presumably hit by a vehicle. He visited her every night, sitting on top of her enclosure so they could sing owl-ey duets.

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Lisa’s Barred in Grill

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What is the number one cause of wildlife rehablilitator burnout? She stopped the car, got out, looked at the front of her Hyundai SUV, and found a live Barred Owl stuck in the grill. She left the stunned but struggling owl where it was, got back on the highway, and drove 40 minutes home. Dimmy arrived home, checked the grill, and there was the owl, alive but certainly worse for wear. Leaving the injured owl in her car’s grill.

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Shutting Your Trap

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I knew the wildlife. I have a book about injured wildlife coming out soon, and I couldn’t buy better publicity.”. This unlucky/lucky young Red-tailed Hawk was found and taken to Red Creek Wildlife Care in Pennsylvania. A recent thread on my Raptorcare listserv produced one wildlife rehabilitator’s nightmarish photo of a leghold trap firmly clutching the leg of a Great Horned Owl. No owl, just the leg.

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I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for owls. Wander through my front door and glance upwards and you’ll find at least two watching you, a Tawny Owl and a Barn Owl , both sadly gathered as roadkills. Above our fireplace is a large painting of a Barn Owl. Barn Owl In my ‘younger’ days I thought nothing of spending several hours in the field in the dark searching for owls. Birding Barn Owl features kids owls Short-eared Owl

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Birds and Bling

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Wildlife rehabilitators are not known for our bling. People who work with wildlife wearing nice clothes? Wildlife rehab can be so metaphorical. I had an evil-tempered Great Horned Owl - is there any other kind? Another Great Horned Owl snagged his talon under the wedding band of Vonda Lee Morton’s vet. “He Birds American Crow Bald Eagle brown-headed cowbird great-horned owls Red-tailed Hawk sandhill crane wildlife rehabilitators

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Xena is a Eurasian Eagle Owl. She lives with her handler, wildlife rehabilitator Lisa Acton, in upstate New York. Lisa takes her to schools, fairs, and events, and together they show people why they should respect and admire the wildlife who live around them. Owls are smart birds and need stimulation, so they’d supply her with an endless array of toys … including, one day, a roll of toilet paper. Birds Eurasian Eagle Owl wildlife rehabilitator

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The Tar Side of Green Products

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This little Eastern Screech-Owl arrived sometime thereafter, and, no doubt, has regretted it every day for the last six months. A woman walking her dog discovered the owl and alerted the farmer, who called a local wildlife hotline. There were no actual vet bills to pay, as the two vets consulted donated their time; but in terms of time and labor spent, this is a million-dollar owl. Birds bird rescue owls screech-owls tanglefoot tar

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