Christian Science Monitor Calls for Endangered Species Hour

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I like this opinion piece from the Christian Science Monitor which calls for an "Endangered Species Hour." The Christian Science Monitor rightly points out that citizens and consumers need to get involved in endangered species protection, because at the CITES level, it's all about money and international politics. Commerce vs. conservation is often at the center of environmental battles, whether they involve global warming or the spotted owl.

Potpourri of Amazing Bird Science

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— and link that to something abut the Great Grey Owl and my BFF Analiese Miller who is an amazing, emerging, photographer who has recently trained her 300mm Cannon F4 lens on the birds (including the Great Grey) at Sax Zim. The potpourri covers some interesting bird related science of the last few weeks, and the promise is this: I’ll get to that other stuff soon, I promise! Birds Cassin''s Auk crows Great Grey Owl Mass Death research

School Burrowing Owls

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Broward County has one of the highest densities of Burrowing Owls in Florida. Not surprisingly, this brings Burrowing Owls into close contact with humans across the county. The Florida sub-species of Burrowing Owl is now classified as a threatened species in Florida and it is one of the rarest sub-species of Burrowing Owls. We have set up an incredibly popular live camera feed on a pair of these diminutive owls at a school in Broward County.

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News for Northern Spotted Owl Goes From Bad to Worse

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It’s hard to be a Northern Spotted Owl , inhabiting old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest. For the past 25 years, you’ve been listed as a Threatened species. In some areas, the Northern Spotted Owl’s numbers have dipped by more than half during the past two decades, and other areas which maintained populations throughout the study period have recently experienced declines. The principal culprit appears to be competition with Barred Owls for space, food, and habitat.

2015 40

Adventures of a Louisiana Birder: One Year, Two Wings, Three Hundred Species–A Book Review

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Chapter Two is a potpourri of stories about nemesis birds, birding by ear, birding for science, under the rubric of birding ‘for the love of it.’ Adventures of a Louisiana Birder: One Year, Two Wings, Three Hundred Species. Louisiana is a magical place to bird.

Citizen Science or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love eBird

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Steve Kelling from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology gave the keynote talk, “The Birder Effect: Birding, Science, and Conservation.” The talk described eBird’s origins in 2002 and traced its history as a project aimed at using “citizen science” to help researchers and conservationists learn more about birds. Birding citizen science Conservation eBird My husband’s nickname for me is “Analog.”

Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean: A Book Review by a Lover of Parliaments

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Here are some things I’ve learned from the Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean by Scott Weidensaul: The Burrowing Owl is the only North American owl species where the male is larger than the female, albeit, only slightly larger. The Caribbean islands were once populated by enormous owls, some over 3-feet tall, some flightless. There are distinct differences between Eastern Screech-Owl morphs. Reviews book review owls

2015 73

Poop From The Front End Of The Bird

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Many are familiar with dissecting owl pellets, but several birds will caste a pellet including hawks, eagles, gulls, herons and heck, I once witnessed a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher hack up a small one. Owls have a tendency to swallow prey whole and if they do rip large prey apart to swallow it, their digestive juices are not as strong and you can find a whole bunch of info about their diet in their pellets. Three flighted creatures in one Great Horned Owl pellet!

2011 68

The most important book about European birds in this century

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A portable speaker is placed on the top of the car, playing Tawny Owl calls from a smartphone. European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 presents information on all species reported to breed in the study period (2013 to 2017) and some with more uncertain breeding status.

A Problem with Gulls

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / A Problem with Gulls A Problem with Gulls By Dan • March 4, 2011 • 11 comments Tweet Share Back in the States, identifying different species of gulls was a manageable task, and mediocre birdwatcher though I was, I had no difficulty distinguishing the 5 more common gull species in the Mid-Atlantic region. fuscus – should be separated as species.

2011 55

Emerging birding destinations: Serbia

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When choosing the top birding area of Serbia for a weekend visit, head for lowlands, Deliblato Sands and Labudovo Okno complex with 250 bird species. If you have 5-7 days, combine these two zones, adding wetlands around the village of Baranda (220 species). Long-eared Owls of Kikinda.

Serbia 101

Birds of Chile – A Photo Guide

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Guiding aside, Howell is a research associate at the California Academy of Sciences and the author of many books, including Petrels, Albatrosses, and Storm-Petrels of North America (Princeton). We have tended to a liberal (= realistic) direction when recognising species.”

Chile 71

Champions of the Flyway – the Dakar Rally of Birding

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The 31 teams, 15 of them international and 16 local, set out as the clock struck midnight on March 24th, 2015 to scour the southern part of Israel for as many bird species as possible. A male Crowned Sandgrouse – just one of the 235 species seen during the race. Jonathan Meyrav. Temminck’s Lark was one of the more difficult lark species spotted by many of the teams Jonathan Meyrav. The Desert Tawny Owl in particular is a fascinating story.

2015 82

When Is Bird Baiting OK?

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We have citizen science projects like Project Feeder Watch headed by Cornell Lab of Ornithology. This past winter was very good for the chance to see boreal owl species in the United States. Owls are cool looking birds that appeal to a mass audience, even people who are not birders. When people started heading out to see these owls and then get photos, some disturbing videos showed up. Here’s one of a Great Gray Owl: That video angered me on a deep level.

2013 71

Review of Your Backyard

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The DVD packaging features three cherubic children, a cartoon owl, and a Red-bellied Woodpecker. Every single species account includes at least one sentence in which gratuitous references to creation are made. The eighteen species covered are divided into five groups by color (blue or gray, brown, red, black, and yellow or orange) and each species gets an account that is a couple of minutes long. The owl, on the other hand, is annoying, clumsily done, and distracting.

2012 60

Birding Zamorano University in Honduras

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Zamorano University may be regarded as one of the crown jewels of Latin American higher education, particularly in the areas of agriculture, environmental management, and food science, but this idyllic campus excels for more reasons than simply academics. Further exploration of academic facilities, experimental fields, and random trees can produce some exciting sightings, from flocks of Crested Caracara to ridiculously confiding Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls.

An Osprey Moment of Truth

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The many eyes on this particular citizen-science prize have also yeilded other results as well. Cam-watchers have spotted Short-eared Owls, Prairie Falcons , and other exciting, high-profile species, but they’ve also spent the winter keeping a close eye on the comings and going of the Juncos, Black-billed Magpies, Northern Flickers, Pileated Woodpeckers and even the European Starlings at the feeder. The Ospreys have returned to Dunrovin.

2014 57

Global Big Day in Costa Rica

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The Lab also acts as the heart and soul for the very popular (and often addictive) citizen science gem known as eBird. It was easy enough to participate, all anyone had to do was watch birds and record the number of species identified using eBird. Fortunately, they were able to extract themselves to eventually get the highest total for the day in Costa Rica, 230 plus species. We logged an awesome 225 species! More than 680 species identified!

How to Know the Birds: The Art and Adventure of Birding – A Book Review

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Written in a friendly, inclusive style quietly grounded in science, How to Know the Birds is an excellent addition to the growing list of birding essay books by talented birder/writers like Pete Dunne and Kenn Kaufman. So, for example, Essay #15, “Individual Variation,” uses Herring Gulls to introduce the concept that one species, even one species at a specific age, can vary widely in appearance. “Get a field guide!”

2019 44

Birds of Bolivia: Field Guide–A Book Review

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That’s pretty amazing–Bolivia has more bird species than India! The source of this ranking, BirdLife International, lists Bolivia as currently having 1,439 bird species, including 18 breeding endemics. More on Species Accounts.

Week 26: San juan Islands

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The days for me to add to my Little Big Years species count are getting fewer and fewer, and with it, my budget. My first surprise of the day came in the form of a great look at a Barred Owl, just sitting on an open branch. Here is the look got of that Barred Owl , first thing in the morning. Later in the day, on an evening hike, about a mile from where I first saw the Barred Owl, I managed to spot this one as well. Little Big Year species count: 834.

2018 40

Be Careful What You Wish For: A Punter’s Guide to the World Birding Rally

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Hugh Powell is a science editor at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Eight days with 20 of the world’s top birding guides looking for some 1,000 species and three dozen endemics. You can see as many hummingbird species as the folks at Magee Marsh are seeing warbler species—during 25 minutes on a Sunday afternoon. The Peruvian Screech-Owl they found hooting at Bosque Pomac? As the rally tore through its itinerary, the species piled up.

2014 81

Selling Birds Short: A Heretical View Of Avian Intelligence

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Unless you are nothing but the lowly diehard lister, for which you should feel much shame and embarrassment for, birders and biologists alike frequently want to understand birds on a deeper level than how to identify the age, sex and species of a certain individual. What does a Flammulated Owl do all night? And if you look into it enough, it presents a classic case where science can fail us. I believe in science. Science, for many years, has done no better.

2011 69

Birding for the Curious: A Book Review

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But getting a grip on gulls can be rewarding, and even within a large group of seemingly drab-colored, dump-loving trash eaters, there are spectacular species, like the dramatic Sabine’s Gull, the nearly mythical Ivory Gull, and easily one of the most sought-after species in North America, the mysterious Ross’s gull. (p. Finding owls is the occasion to discuss the ethics of playback.

2015 83

What It’s Like to Be a Bird: A Review of the New Sibley Book

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This is a delightful book, large (8-1/2 by 11 inches), filled with Sibley’s distinctive artwork and an organized potpourri of research-based stories about the science behind bird’s lives.

2020 87

The ABA’s 50th Anniversary and Information: From Scarce to Abundant

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It’s Macaulay Library contains a wealth of photos and audio recordings for approximately 10,000 species. It allows users to submit photos and recordings and provides detailed information on bird species, including sightings, distribution, identification tips, photos, and recordings. My impression is that most young birders are eBirders, a trend that will surely continue due to its convenience, accessibility, and contribution to science.

2019 46

2014 Arenal Bird Count

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Then again, considering that the count list included more than 500 potential species, any effort to track down as many as possible for a single-day snapshot of avian diversity demands massive commitment, focus, and energy. He and Diego then described each of the eight count circles, sharing detailed maps, distances, and target species while introducing the participants. Ismael, Corey, and I scouted these areas the previous day and turned up lots of great species.

2014 69

Here’s the new bird family tree. It’s amazing.

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The magnificent history and diversity of birds on Earth came into sharper focus this month with the publication of 28 new scientific papers in Science and other journals. processed the entire genomes of 48 bird species and compared nearly 42 million base pairs of DNA (Hackett et al. Now we move on to the Neognathae , which also has two very deep branches that lead to all the other living species of birds.

2014 87

Rare Birds of North America: A Book Review

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In this book, rare birds are species “for which, on average, only 5 or fewer individuals have been found annually in North America since around 1950.” Species that were once seen rarely and have now become more common, like Clay-colored Thrush, are not included. But, irruptive species like Blue-footed Booby, that may in some years, as we know from the invasion of 2013, show up in numbers greater than five, are included.

Cristalino Lodge: A Day as a Birding Guide

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White-bellied Parrot was one of many target species at either of the canopy towers. ” At first light, many of the larger canopy species commute and call from the canopy: parrots, cotingas, guans, and toucans. With every fascinating species that we see, I sprinkle in facts about its diet, taxonomic status, biogeography, or movements to add context and extra appreciation to what they are seeing.

2014 56

Angry Birds Hitting Your Windows

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I work part time for the National Park Service (although, we’ll see what happens this weekend if there’s a federal government shutdown) and our visitor center is located in the Science Museum of Minnesota. An American Robin was perched on the side of one of the Science Museum vans. Oh and there are fake owls…which rarely work because birds figure out that the statue doesn’t move.

2011 68

Birding By Impression: A Book Review

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Birding by Impression is a conscious, deliberate method of identifying and recognizing birds based on the study and evaluation of “distinctive structural features and behavioral movements” and comparison with nearby and similar species. It is not a handbook, though it approaches species from a collective viewpoint. I would be more apt to accept the science of BBI if the science of hemispheric brain functions was not subject to so much misconceptions and simplification.*

2015 58

The Agony and Ecstasy of Surrendering to eBird

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At the recent Swarovski Social Media Summit in Arizona, Nate proselytized passionately for the program that both manages your sightings and contributes them to science. Then the fun really started… The eBird interface came back saying that a whopping 251 species needed clarification. For example, we all know that many species had their scientific names changed with lots of familiar genera swapped out. I blame Nate Swick.

2012 60

15 Years: Things Will Never Be The Same

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Not only is it a very impressive citizen science project that manages to marshal the legions of birders around Canada and the U.S., Time will tell how much good science can be wrung from the data (due to observer bias, misidentifications, the vastly differing skillsets of contributing observers, under-birded areas, etc.), We have more California Condors , Bald Eagles , and Peregrine Falcons , but there seem to be less Spotted Owls , Burrowing Owls , Sooty Shearwaters.

2013 59

Better Birding: A Book Review (& a New Year’s goal)

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All species are from the ABA area, and all groups must meet at least one of these criteria: (1) the group “represented a good opportunity to build core birding skills,” (2) the authors thought it was a group that needed “a refreshed treatment,” (3) the authors were intrigued by the group and wanted to present it using their unique format. It is an intriguing choice of species. There are no warblers here or small shorebirds or raptors, excepting Accipiters and Screech-Owls.

2016 64

Birds and People: A Book Review

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As I explained to my nephews when they were younger, “The Burrowing Owls don’t think we’re their friends. People on one side of the rope, owls on the other.” Substitute Snowy Owl here if you’d like the modern version). Additional back of the book material includes a Glossary, Biographical Details, a Select Bibliography, Notes, Credits, an Index to Species and a General Index. The Species Index consists of common bird names, with pages of illustrations italicized.

2014 71

The Bluebird Effect

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The book has 25 chapters, each one treating a different species of bird. You can lay a rat in front of a recuperating owl and walk away until the next day. There’s a lot of science in the book, but there’s also magic. My apologies, 10,000 Birds folk, for missing my December post on the 18th. There was this little thing called Christmas, and I was shut in a recording studio all that week (and for weeks after) with The Rain Crows , making a CD.

2012 71

Bonus Season – Late Winter

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Phenology is a vital science. There’s some excitement in putting up feeders and in discovering which species are gracing us with big invasions this year (2011, Montana: Snowy Owls ) but much of the time its a slog. Walking home at night, I hear a Boreal Owl calling from the conifer-coated mountains. Birding goldeneyes owls winterAmong other things, it has provided some of the earliest and most compelling evidence for global warming.

2012 55

Nice, Nice Birding in Narita

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NARITA, JAPAN, DECEMBER 2012 – The art and science of layover birding deserves more rigorous study and perhaps a federal grant. Every species I mentioned appeared often throughout the day, but diversity improved considerably as we headed towards Naritasan Temple by way of the famed irrigation channel. I was pleased to have added three species with “Japanese” in their names to my lifelist, but figured I’d maxed out the possibities.

2012 45

The Nonessential Whooping Crane

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It may be as sick as deliberately targeting an endangered species for death. Birders know that the light’s not always perfect or even particularly good when you’re trying to tell one species from another. My friend Vickie Henderson , who has some serious long-range vision, looked at the science behind Tennessee’s crane hunting proposal and found it badly wanting. Those that are out to kill this species for their own pleasure.

2011 78

Licking Clay: the Macaws of Tambopata, Peru

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The field site I am assigned to is located in one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world and home to a particularly rich avifauna that numbers well over 500 species. Under the expert guidance of project director and locally infamous snake and bird-whisperer Alan Lee, my responsibility as a volunteer here is to observe and monitor the 15 species of macaws and parrots that come to the lick, or colpa as its more commonly called in the local Quechua language, each morning to eat clay.

Peru 81

ACTION ALERT! Tomorrow, MARCH 15, 2011, is the deadline for public.

10,000 Birds

Hunting sandhill cranes in Kentucky is a bad idea from a public relations standpoint, considering the growing cadre of birders and nature enthusiasts for whom cranes are a touchstone species. Initiating a hunting season on a large, charismatic species like a crane is no way to resuscitate hunting. This slow reproduction rate is unlike any other avian game species currently hunted. A species which is the most abundant crane species on the planet.

2011 79

Collaborative List – November 2019

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Whatever it was, Corey was found at his keyboard 2 hours later, covered in blood and snot and sporting a cut lip, having announced that he and Mike would rescue the failing list by taking personal responsibility for adding 300 species. Costa Rican Pygmy-Owl – Glaucidium costaricanum.

2019 54