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Animal Ethics

if they see a mistreated dog, and shudder to see a wounded deer in the road. Vigilance in our food system is critical because bacterial pathogens will change and new ones will emerge. To the Editor: Your Feb. 21 editorial “ The Biggest Beef Recall Ever ” made some excellent points.

The Blue House Dog

4 The Love Of Animals

A New York Times story that ran in 2001 about a homeless dog wandering around a suburban part of New York City, struck a chord with me. The boy was wounded by his loss, just as the homeless dog was wounded when his owner died.

2010 158

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Scarlett The Cat: From Homeless To A Hero

4 The Love Of Animals

Before the life-changing moment, Scarlett lived in an old Brooklyn garage in New York, taking care of five kittens not older than four weeks. The interesting thing is that it was not a first time, when David saved poor animals out of a fire: ten years before he has already taken a wounded dog after the fire to the North Shore Animal League, where he was cured.

Black Bear

Animal Person

In short order I would return to New York to pursue a doctorate in Applied Linguistics at New York University, where at least I would be able to obtain a fellowship and rack up only $40,000 of debt. South Royalton, Vermont is a picturesque New England town that in 1991 didn’t even have a stoplight. He was bleeding from several bullet wounds, and visibly in excruciating pain.

Bears 101