Humane Society Cites Abuses at University of Minnesota

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I don't care if they're supposedly working for altruistic purposes (they're not, but that's another story), they are allowing animals to suffer through negligent care separate from the excruciating experiments they must still undergo. - The Humane Society of the United States has obtained government reports showing that the University of Minnesota has violated federal standards of care for animals in laboratories. All this stuff makes me sick.

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I get really sad, though, when I think about animal suffering in the world. I don’t want death & suffering to be a part of the equation if I can at all help it. If, like me, it’s because animal suffering is unbearable to you, then STAND YOUR GROUND.

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We especially love playing in the snow, which we get lots of here in Minnesota! He told me he had suffered a severe heart attack and had no idea why he had been outside by his van at that hour! My name is Jan.

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