Efforts to Rescue Lolita the Orca from Miami

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Animal-rights activists claim an orca is being held in an "inadequate tank" in the Miami Seaquarium. The federal complaint focuses on a whale named Lolita, who was captured more than 40 years ago, and has been held at the Miami Seaquarium. The activists claim Lolita is being "kept in an inadequate tank, without companions of her own species or adequate protection from the sun.". Read the rest of the article in the Courthouse News Service.

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Miami Mega Mall vs. Everglades National Park

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The Miami-Dade County Commission approved development of ‘the largest shopping mall in North America’ with a vote of 9-1 last week. This fragile ecosystem is home to 344 feathered species, 300 fish species (salt- and freshwater), 50 species of reptiles, 40 mammal species, and 36 listed species (threatened and/or protected). The Miami-Dade Democratic Environmental Caucus submitted a formal letter of concern to the commissioners. Merchandising folly 1 – Conservation 0.

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Guy Who Trained Flipper Protests Dolphin Slaughter

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O’Barry has been on a dolphin-protection crusade since the day in 1970 that Kathy, one of the dolphins that played Flipper, died in a steel tank at the Miami Seaquarium while he was holding her. I just read this story today. The moment Flipper died in his arms, Richard O’Barry was transformed from a dolphin trainer into an activist determined to free captive dolphins around the world. That was 39 years ago.

Why Is the Federal Government Awarding Contracts to a Company That Was Involved in Smuggling Primates?

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Here is a synopsis from a Brown University web site about his case : Matthew Block, of Worldwide Primates, Miami, FL, was sentenced to 13 months in federal prison, three years of supervised probation, and a $30,000 fine at a 2-day sentence hearing on April 16, 1993. The International Primate Protection League was active in exposing and urging prosecution of this case. Worldwide Primates Inc. was started by Mathew Block to import primates into the US for animal experimentation.

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Saguaro National Park: Cacti as Oases in the Desert

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Much like how Everglades National Park flanks the western border of metropolitan Miami, Florida, Saguaro National Park flanks both the eastern and western outskirts of Tucson, making for easy access to residents and tourists alike who spend time in that city.

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I and the Bird: What is a Vulture?

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The program has been successful enough that some of the birds have been released back into protected areas in California, Arizona, and across the border in Baja, but the species is still far from out of the woods. Turkey Vulture on Little Miami River – Kelly Riccetti, The Red and the Peanut. That vultures get a bad rap is something of a given. There’s no getting around the fact that they’re weird looking.

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Veraguan Mango – Panama's ex-endemic

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Like when Cleveland local Lebron James showed up in Miami and started playing basketball for the Heat. Fish & Wildlife Service expects sea levels to rise due to global warming, swamping beaches on which Snowy Plovers currently nest, it is good news that the number of beaches proposed for protection as Snowy Plover nesting habitat has doubled.