Coast Guard Defends Medical Practice on Animals

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I knew the military in general used animals for combat medical practice.hadn't thought of the Coast Guard though. The Coast Guard is defending its practice of using live animals in its combat medical training after an activist group released a video on Wednesday of a goat’s legs being removed with tree trimmers during what it said was training for agency personnel. coast guard medical research us

Marines Still Using Pigs for Medical Training

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The Marines also claim that using live pigs and inflicting wounds on them is the only way to approximate real-life situations in combat. It's the best way to train medical personnel. They claim the animals are asleep during the procedures and feel no pain. Read and decide for yourself.

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Breed Bans are NOT the Answer

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While Pit bulls are incredibly strong and can therefore inflict a dangerous wound if they do attack, they are by no means the only breed that bites. “It’s the deed and not the breed,&# said David Kirkpatrick, spokesman for the American Veterinarian Medical Association.

Detecting Animal Cruelty

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Animal cruelty occurs when someone intentionally injures or harms an animal or when a person willfully deprives an animal of food, water or necessary medical care. Per the ASPCA's cruelty FAQ , here are some signs.

On Flourless Cakes and Injuries

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What we couldn't see until her leg was shaved was that next to the deep wound is a large bloody bump of a wound. After the ligament medication it wasn't the ligament. This, dear readers, is my new obsession.

How a Farrier can treat a horse with club foot

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Chronic pain in horses can develop from other conditions such as osteochondrosis, degenerative joint disease, or from wounds and infection. If caught early, the club foot can be fixed using corrective trimming and a visit to the veterinarian for pain medications as needed.

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Service Members Get a Second Chance with Service Dogs

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The DDF will be raising $20,000 for the training and care of a service dog (including medical bills, training and food) which will be donated to one lucky war vet from the FSD group. The Dublin Dog Foundation (DDF) has partnered with Freedom Service Dogs, Inc.

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