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Cesar’s Way Magazine

4 The Love Of Animals

Cesar's Way Magazine. Cesar Millan, who is best known for his work as the “Dog Whisperer&# , has just come out with a new magazine called “Cesar’s Way&#. The magazine, which is all about people and the dogs they love, is available on newsstands right now. The magazine is a lot of fun for dog lovers.

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Audubon Magazine Photography Awards 2011

10,000 Birds

Audubon Magazine features some of the finest nature photography you’ll ever have the pleasure to behold. If your nature photography dazzles the eye and delights the imagination, you should consider entering this year’s award contest. If the phenomenal prizes don’t inspire you, the level of competition should!

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Smithsonian Magazine Spotlights Wildlife Trafficking

Critter News

HUGE article in the Smithsonian Magazine about wildlife trafficking out of Ecuador.

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Publish Your Own AR Book or Magazine

Animal Person

But if you have something to say that you'd like the world to hear sooner rather than later, and you have an Internet connection and maybe some layout software, you don't need much money to get started creating your own books and magazines.

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What do we do about trophy ("sport") hunting?

Reddit Animals

Popular hunting magazines make animal rights groups like they're the bad guys. They claim to be "conservationists" even though we all know natural selection plays its role in the wild. It seems both political parties do nothing for animals. I've gotten to the point where I don't even vote anymore. What are we to do?

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How Many Birders Are There, Really? (Updated)

10,000 Birds

Magazines : There are several magazines dedicated to birding. Birdwatching recently reported a paid distribution of about 12,000, and Bird Watcher’s Digest states that its printed magazine “reaches” 25,000 subscribers. If 1 in 100 birders was a member of the ABA, that would pencil out to 1.2 million birders.

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One Less Birding Magazine

10,000 Birds

After 26 years WildBird is no more. The last issue will be the September/October issue.

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