Great cat tips from Housecat Housecall

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Katrina Warren and the experts at Animal Planet’s “ Housecat Housecall ”, presented by Purina Cat Chow, have put together some simple tips to help families conquer some common cat care issues. Here are some good tips for prospective cat owners: What should I do before bringing a new kitten into the family? Take your time and do your homework in order to make sure you choose the cat that is most compatible with you and your lifestyle. Lifestyle.

Giveaway: Science Diet Senior 11 Age Defying Cat Food

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The new Science Diet CatAge Quiz gives people the opportunity to determine the true age of their pet and provides tips on ways to easily help them retain their youthful vigor. By answering simple health and lifestyle questions about their cat, owners can determine how old their four-legged friend really is. As you may know, cats are known to live very long lives….21 21 years or more!

Save money caring for your pet

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So here are a few tips on how to save money caring for your pet. This can potentially lead in fewer trips to the vet with a healthier active lifestyle for your pet, and it will keep you in shape at the same time! So you finally got that present you have always wanted since you were a little kid. That ultimate gift that you had nagged your parents for, saying how much fun you would have with it and how you would take the best care of it.

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Scotch Fur Fighter

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As a long-time pet owner, I understand the frustration of constantly cleaning fur off the floor,” said Charlotte Reed, pet trend and lifestyle expert. Over the years, I’ve developed a few quick and simple tips to help pet owners get through shedding season with ease.”. Quick and Simple Tips to Beat Shedding Season. Attention pet owners with pets that shed! You have found your new best friend!

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Socializing Your Canine Companion: How to Properly Socialize Your Dog

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Think about your lifestyle and what you can reasonably expect your dog might be exposed to in the next 10 years. Visit [link] for more tips on how to pamper your pets. Socialize Your Dog to Other Dogs. Socialization is the single best predictor of a dog’s future personality. Well-socialized dogs are calm and unaggressive even in stressful situations. But socialization involves a lot more than just introducing your dog to a few random strangers every few weeks.

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Teach Your Dog To Go Potty On Command!

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in Mass Communications and Human Psychology helped create her unique training tips for dog owners. A perfect way to incorporate my method, Feng Shui with Fido™ into your lifestyle is to create a potty area in your yard and teach your dog to go to the bathroom on command! Today we welcome top Celebrity dog trainer and behavioral expert Inger Martens as a guest blogger. Her B.A.

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How to Prevent Allergies in Dogs

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Here are some tips on how you can prevent dog allergies. Tips and Warnings: Your dog’s lifestyle and habits are important in determining the cause of your dog’s allergies. Dog allergies are hypersensitivity reactions of the dog’s body to specific materials or substances. These substances, known as allergens, trigger an immune response in the body, resulting in symptoms, such as skin itching and irritation.

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448 Great Things to do in Nature

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Our increasingly sedentary and indoor lifestyles have taken their toll on our kids with childhood obesity, ADD/ADHD diagnosis and childhood drug abuse at unprecedented levels. Lots of great birding tips for kids in this book! The authors make this very easy to do with the book’s division into four main sections – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter with great tips to get your kids outdoors in each season. Find a Four-leaf Clover. Start your own Plants from Seed.

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Reasons Consistently Applied

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That's because those who read Animal Ethics with regularity know that there are many compelling reasons to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. Check out PCRM's 21-Day Vegan Kickstart Resource Page , where you will find meal planners; recipe suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; healthy snack alternatives; and tips on how to make over your diet. I suspect that many regular readers of Animal Ethics are already vegetarians.

The Amazing Exploding Dove Meets Montana

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Reading the title, I feared you had succumbed to the “hook & bullet&# lifestyle of the Rockies and now carried a very, very big-calibered gun with you. Hat-tip to Stella.

Charles Harper’s Birds & Words: A Review of a Classic Reborn

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As an independent illustrator, he regularly contributed art to Ford Times , a “lifestyle” magazine published by the Ford Motor Company. Yet, it is amazing how many identification features are evident in his bird pictures—the fire-red head, streaked back, white wing bars, and white-tipped tertials of the Western Tanager, the white tail band on the Eastern Kingbird, the black-bordered white eyebrow of the Red-eyed Vireo.

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A scaredy cat is always a scaredy cat

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Exploratory species, on the other hand, have lifestyles where information gathering could be useful, e.g. those living in relatively complex and changeable versus constant habitats. Hat-tip to Stella.

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A long way from nowhere

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We are remote but what a great lifestyle! Hat-tip to Stella. home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Trips / A long way from nowhere A long way from nowhere By Clare M • March 6, 2011 • 5 comments Tweet Share Once again this week we have been restricted on our movements due to the weather. Whilst most of you in the north may have been snowed in over recent months we are flooded in!

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