Animals Managing to Survive in Afghanistan

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Apparently, wildlife in Afghanistan is managing to survive despite the horrors of war and violence. afghanistan snow leopard war wildlifeThe stupid video won't embed, so here's the link to the web page. It's from Time Magazine.

Central London Shop Raided for Illegal Wildlife Products

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Detectives seized 200 products believed to be made from endangered animals including musk deer, leopards and tigers. Tags: wildlife crime UK wildlife trafficking Traditional Chinese Medicine tigers endangered species Not surprisingly, they raided a shop selling Chinese traditional medicines. From the Telegraph. The store in Lisle Street, at the heart of London's Chinatown, specialises in traditional Asian medicine.

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Big Cat Week 2012 Starts Sunday!

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From Cougars, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, and snow leopards and more, it’s a great time to learn more about these amazing cats! Tune in Sunday to watch the first ever capture and release of an endangered snow leopard in Afghanistan! Snow Leopard of Afghanistan.

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Big Cat Week on Nat Geo Wild

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Here is a sneak peek from the show Return of the Clouded Leopards. Two very rare six-week-old clouded leopard cubs are rescued from poachers, but will they learn how to be wild so they can live on their own? events people helping animals tv wildlife

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Deadly 60: Big Cat Battleground

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Steve travels to Namibia, a land of rolling dunes, sand and plenty of dangerous wildlife. Steve dons a camouflage suit for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that gets him closer to a wild leopard than he ever hoped. Tonight! Monday, July 11 at 10PM ET/PT on Nat Geo WILD!

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