Montana Horse Slaughter Bill Not Vetoed

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On Friday, April 3rd, Montana Governor Brain Schweitzer returned House Bill 418 to the legislature with suggestions for amendments. The letter was written to the Montana legislature. And you can read more about this issue in the Thoroughbred Times and JAVMA News. From Elizabeth Forel, of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages. The danger is that the amendments will be made and the bill will be signed into law. PLEASE TAKE ACTION.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund Public Registries

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Through its campaign, , the animal protection organization is promoting model legislation that state legislatures could enact. Tags: news I recently got an email from the Animal Legal Defense Fund. They are pioneering legislation in California to make public animal abuse registries. In our opinion, this is a wonderful idea, and we wanted to help them spread the word. Here is the press release, which explains why they are trying to do this.