First Post-COVID-19 Birding Trip: Wisconsin and Horicon NWR

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Additionally, I have written about Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs), which are important but underappreciated parts of the National Wildlife Refuge System. In late June, I flew into O’Hare and drove north to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Car Birding: A Birder Litmus Test

10,000 Birds

Barbed wire fences are terrible for wildlife, snaring large birds and mammals alike…but for smaller passerines, they sure make good perches. National Wildlife Refuges, various wetland sites) you are supposed to bird from your car to prevent the needless flushing of birds. Many of you have driven the auto tour loops that are at many National Wildlife Refuges. This stoked Great Egret was at Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, CA.

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Shedding Tears For Shorebirds

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Photographed at Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge, MT. Photographed at Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge, ND. Photographed at Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge, ND. Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge, MT. Upland Sandpipers are one of the coolest and most awkward-looking of our continent’s birds. See, it’s not so scary! Birders are a timid bunch. They are scared of all sorts of things.

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If We Can Rock Together, We Can Flock Together

10,000 Birds

Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge, North Dakota. Weird flocks are fun. One does not typically find a Black-crowned Night-Heron mixed in with Rock Pigeons and American Coots. I think the night-heron knows it too. Thanks for stopping in again birders. Today’s post is as simple as it can be. FLOCKS. You know them and you love them…except when your car gets smeared in gull or grackle feces.

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