Birding Shanghai in September 2022

10,000 Birds

The bird “spent five months on Mindoro Island in the Philippines during the non-breeding season and migrated through Taiwan, the Chinese east coast, and the Korean peninsula” and on to the Russian Far East (indicating a certain lack of solidarity with Ukraine).

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The European Christmas Bird Count

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These globally threatened raptors breed from Ukraine eastward through Siberia and only a few come to overwinter here. we will kill it!”, I remember studying the map of countries participating in the i nternational mid-winter w aterbird c ensus, where the USA wasn’t marked. How can it be, I asked someone from the Wetlands International, the IWC umbrella organization, only to learn that USA has its own scheme. Oh, and what is that? The Christmas Bird Count was the answer.

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Book Review: Spillover – Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic

10,000 Birds

My parents are in England, should I be worried about the conflict on the other side of Europe in the Ukraine?” The disease had killed a tourist like ourselves. It’s six weeks to the day till I go to Africa, and of late conversations about the subject have taken a reliable and predictable detour. “Aren’t I worried about Ebola?” ” To which I reply “No, not personally.”

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Birding Shanghai in June 2022

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To be precise, “Birding Shanghai from June 10 to June 30, 2022” – but that is even less of an exciting title than the one above.

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Birding Shanghai in July 2022

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While I cannot claim to fully understand the topic, “The Impact of Deafness to the Survival of the Newborn Cells in the Brain of Juvenile White-rumped Munia, Lonchura striata “, the authors first deafened some White-rumped Munias via surgery and then killed them a few weeks later.