Push Land-Grant Universities Out of the Meat Industry

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Environmentalists recognize the meat industry as extremely ecodestructive – including fish, dairy, eggs, feed crops with their massive use of water & topsoil and toxic runoff killing rivers and oceans, and the killing of billions of free-living animals to protect farmed animals and feed crops. Responsible Policies for Animals Members & Friends!

The Animal Legal Defense Fund Public Registries

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This could include violence (torture, mutilation, intentional killings, etc.), Through its campaign, www.ExposeAnimalAbusers.org , the animal protection organization is promoting model legislation that state legislatures could enact. Two months later, he killed another neighbor’s Welsh Corgi with an ax. But it’s not just about how animal abusers end up also hurting or killing humans,” said Wells. “It I recently got an email from the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

It's Back! The Horror of Horse Slaughter in DeKalb

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After witnessing hours if not days of senseless killing, someone finally musters the courage to take on the killer and delivers what has to be a devastating blow. We relax and let out a sigh of relief, and just as we let our guard down, the wicked monster suddenly reemerges (from the flames or the lake or the bathtub or the earth itself) to kill again and again. One can't kill horses for human consumption within the U.S.,