Sherry Turner Teas: Brown Thrasher vs. Black Widow

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This blog was written by Sherry Turner Teas, a rehabber in Chattanooga, Tennessee: It started out as a normal day for a wildlife rehabilitator here in Tennessee – giving medicine, cleaning cages, and feeding baby birds. At first I ignored it, but it continued so I went to investigate. I called my vet, all my fellow rehabbers, and I posted for help in the Wildlife Rehabbers Blog Group on Facebook.

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Spotlight: Lisa Beth Acton, Raising Ravens

10,000 Birds

This post is from Lisa Beth Acton, a wildlife rehabilitator in Accord, NY. Lisa brings her to all kinds of gatherings to spread the word of wildlife (see Xena’s Facebook page ). They were not aware of wildlife laws, and thought they could raise and release them. We took her to the vet and put her on medication, and somehow she pulled through. They immediately went to investigate it, and quickly learned to move when cars were coming.

His Regal Grumpiness

10,000 Birds

On August 21st, Maryjane Angelo of Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation in Pennsylvania received a call from a man who said his nephew was standing in the middle of a rural road, guarding a Bald Eagle. The following morning, the vet’s x-ray showed nothing broken, and there was no sign of head trauma. Birds Bald Eagles bird rehabilitation eagles wildlife rehabilitation

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