Urgent Appeal for Flex, the Greyhound

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He came to OCFA totally flea infested and with a few open wounds. One wound (the one on his front right leg) was to the bone. If you can help in any possible way, or for more information, please call Hilari Gentry : 502-514-1539 or e-mail Debbie.Strong@Owen.kyschools.us.

Tribute to War Heroes…at Both Ends of the Leash

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They sniff out bombs that would harm our troops; they comfort soldiers on the battlefield and veterans back home; they search for the wounded after an attack; and sometimes, they have the grim task of finding the fallen, bringing closure to families and friends in the most trying of times,” she said.

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Service Members Get a Second Chance with Service Dogs

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In early 2009, in recognition of the increasing number of “Wounded Warriors” that were returning from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, FSD made the decision to concentrate its efforts on identifying deserving disabled veterans and matching them with a trained service dog companion.

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Your Dog and Fleas

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Hot spots; these are red, open wounds caused by licking and biting the skin. For more information about dog fleas, causes, treatment options, information about dog fleas on humans and more, please visit www.dogfleashelp.com. Dog fleas cause itching and discomfort in your dog. Not only are they annoying, they can cause serious health problems. There are a number of different symptoms to look for when dealing with a possible flea infestation.

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