Virginia Fox Smuggler Gets Six Months

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Attorney Julia Dudley said Blevins had bought animals for several years from trappers in different states and brought them to Virginia to sell to the owners of "fox pens." Hunters would then pay to hunt in the pens. He was caught after a yearlong investigation by Virginia game officials that included the undercover purchases of 54 red foxes and 47 coyotes from Blevins. Tags: wildlife trafficking blood sport fox hunting us Howard Glen Blevins, 68, of Asheville, N.C.,

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Virgina Creates Wildlife Crime Watch Program

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They were all hunting associations AND the National Rifle Association. Wildlife Crime Watch" is a new program implemented by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. This program is a proactive effort to develop a partnership between citizens and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Tags: wildlife crime poaching hunting us Sounds intriguing. I was particularly interested in the list of program sponsors.

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Supreme Court Strikes Down Depiction of Animal Cruelty Act

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The high court case stemmed from the arrest and conviction of a Virginia-based documentary producer named Robert Stevens who sold videos containing scenes of dogfights. Mr. Stevens said his videos were aimed at portraying the aggressive characteristics of pit bulls and the use of pit bulls in hunting. The Supreme Court struck down a law that outlawed the depiction of animal cruelty.

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To the Editor: Re “ To Revive Hunting, States Turn to the Classroom ” (front page, March 8): Shame on West Virginia if it approves a bill that allows hunting education classes in public schools to become law. We should not use public schools to try to reverse the inexorable decline in the “sport” of hunting. Furthermore, in the context of a dramatic increase in school violence in recent years, to teach hunting is ludicrous.

Getting a Kitten from Kansas

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She has had two for the past ten years, one she bought and had shipped from a breeder in Utah, the other from a breeder in Virginia. From discussions with people who buy from breeders, I understand the reasoning behind getting a purebred dog when it comes to the hunting or working breeds. I am no fan of breeders, I'll admit it.

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