Eurasian Tree Sparrows from long ago

10,000 Birds

This event took place in April of 1870, in Lafayette Park in St. Louis. Lest you think that modern technology robbed all the challenge from my hunt, though, I would point out that there were a couple of confounding factors. Nevertheless, a life bird is a life bird and it would take a lot more than three confounding factors to make me drive away from St. Louis without putting in a sporting effort to get this one. Birding Eurasian Tree Sparrow feeder birds St.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of October 2013)

10,000 Birds

The Arizona Cardinals may not be covering the team totem in glory, but the St. Louis Cardinals just locked in another trip to the World Series. He was very pleased to see his first ever Rough-legged Hawk in Queens, a dark-morph bird hunting over the old landfill. When citizens of the United States tout the superiority of our country, we tend to focus on debatable issues of culture, economy, and government.

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The Little Big Year-week 46: All this fun comes to an end

10,000 Birds

Matt was working on his own US Big Year, and wanted to join me for the hunt. Murray Hunt – Daintree River Guide Caines, Australia – Marty St Louis – Manager at Summer Lake NWR, Summer Lake Oregon. We have arrived at the end of our little adventure, which has come to be known as “The Little Big Year”. It ended with little fan fare; in fact I did not even go chasing birds on the last two days of 2018, as I am just plain tired.

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