Bird of Prey: The Story of the Rarest Eagle on Earth – A Film Review

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The Philippine Eagle has a kind face. I couldn’t help thinking this–me, the anthropomorphism hater– as I watched a pair of Philippine Eagles tend their nest, raise a chick, and tear monkeys apart in Bird of Prey: The Story of the Rarest Eagle on Earth , a well-crafted, beautifully filmed documentary with a mission. Bird of Prey (not to be confused with the upcoming comic book film Birds of Prey ) tells the story of the Philippine Eagle in layers of time and place.

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Man-o-war Birds

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From the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands these birds were regularly seen travelling to Johnston Atoll, 873 kilometres away, and one was even sighted in the Philippines. Out at sea the most common prey items are flying fish, although other prey are taken particularly when pushed to the surface by hunting tuna and dolphins. Most of the birds involved in the attacks are adults females, with immatures and juveniles also hunting in this way – adult males never hunt terns.

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Birds and People: A Book Review

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We worship birds, we hunt birds, we protect birds, and, yes, we eat birds. It includes stunning photographs by Tipling of eagle hunters (as in Kazakhs who hunt with eagles), Stellar Sea Eagles in Hokkaido, Japan, and Black Kites at the dump near New Delhi, India. and also Modern Iraq, Egypt, Albania, Mexico, Poland and the Philippines. We politically worship them, but at the same time we’ve severely decreased the numbers of many species by hunting and habitat loss.

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Birds of the Indonesian Archipelago: Greater Sundas and Wallacea–A Field Guide Review

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We’re looking at an area of Asia southeast of the Malay Peninsula and mainland Southeast Asia, southwest of the Philippines, north and northwest of Australia, west of Papua New Guinea (a boundary called “Lydekker’s Line”), intercut by the equator. The Conservation section is frustratingly brief, stating the expected—massive loss of forest due to logging and a plantation economy, weak enforcement of laws regulating hunting and trade, understaffing of reserves and parks.

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