Snowy Owl Ethics

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When he reached out to ask if he could contribute a piece to 10,000 Birds about about the ethics around the current Snowy Owl irruption in the central and eastern United States we were all for it! “In In support of the Snowys I will not be liking any more Snowy Owl photos.”. This quote is from an anonymous birder’s comment on a Facebook post showing two birders flushing a Snowy Owl and then giving a “thumbs up.” Snowy Owls have value. Species have value.

Barking Owls in Broome

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We are lucky enough here in Broome to have a pair of Barking Owls that have chosen to roost in town. Over the years there have been Barking Owls observed in the Town Beach area and the Courthouse gardens and we have heard them “barking” at home as well. The first time we observed the pair of Barking Owls this year it was very dull and late in the day and they stared down at us from the top of a tall tree. Barking Owls. Barking Owls -puffed out throat!

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The Owls of Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, Texas

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There are an additional 1,200 acres of surrounding protected refuge, supporting a documented 525 bird species! In the park proper, 358 species have been recorded. One of the highlights of birding in this Texas state park is the chance to see five owl species that breed here. This is made even sweeter by the hope of seeing two extremely rare US visitors – the Mottled Owl and the Stygian Owl. Let’s enjoy the owls of Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

2018 55

Wisconsin Falconer Legally Traps Snowy Owl

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I’m to the point that I wish all the Snowy Owls in the US this winter would head back north. There’s been some confusing info because Project SNOWStorm also captured and put a transmitter on a first winter female Snowy Owl around the same time in the same area. ” But then I thought of the other wild raptors falconers can take like a Northern Goshawk, Gyrfalcon, Great Horned Owl and Peregrine Falcon and debated with myself about why an owl is different.

Great Gray Owl: Seeing the Ghost

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There are birds more prized by North American birders than the Great Gray Owl , but not many*. Like many cold-weather creatures, the Great Gray Owl can to some extent trade altitude for latitude. Though hardly common, Great Gray sightings are a yearly occurrence in Western Montana, and it is one of the twelve species of owl known to breed in the state. We made our way to the spot that the owl had, according to our guides, last been seen.

2014 74

An Owl-Full Day

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Sunday morning dawned clear and cool, perfect weather in which to find some owls. Sunrise found me in a car with Rich Kelly and Seth Ausubel, on our way to Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx where we would be joined by Bob Dieterich and Gene Herskovics for an owl prowl. For some reason, Pelham Bay Park has long attracted wintering owls and Great Horned Owls nest there and are year-round residents. One owl down, two to go! We still needed Barred Owl !

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Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls

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“Do they have owls?” I immediately phoned the manager and enquired if the property had any Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls. …Sure, we got lots of ‘em javelina and wild hogs too” But I explained to him that I was a hunter of a different kind and that I was looking for tiny owls and not wild pigs. He told me that he had never seen the little owls that I was referring to. A pair of Ferruginous Pygmy Owls!

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Great Gray Owl in Keene, New York

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”) that we drive up to the Adirondacks so I could finally connect with a Great Gray Owl. With much trepidation I told her the owl was in Keene, about four-and-a-half hours away and I could call my folks and see if they would put us up for the night at their house, half-way back from the long-range twitch. After all, the Great Gray Owl in Keene was seen mostly in the evening and we had all day to get up north. spotted the owl. But it’s a GREAT GRAY OWL !

How Close Is “Too Close” To An Owl?

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” My question that I hope you can help me with is what would be considered a safe distance to photograph Northern Saw-what Owls? Would this be considered a threat to these owls?” First I applaud the photographer for actually asking the question of how close to get to a Saw-whet Owl. And quite frankly, I’ve seen some of the most dedicated of ethical birders get excited at finding an owl and get closer than they should. Birds owls

2013 84

Pel’s Fishing Owls, Phantoms of the Okavango

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For many birders, the Pel’s Fishing Owl roosts in a lofty position on just such a list. One of the most highly desirable birds in the world, the Pel’s Fishing Owl is a true phantom. Found patchily in sub-Saharan Africa, this large, ginger-colored owl can never be guaranteed on a trip to the continent. The Okavango Delta from the air Adrian Binns I’ve been fascinated with Pel’s Fishing Owls since my South African childhood.

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Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean: A Book Review by a Lover of Parliaments

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Here are some things I’ve learned from the Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean by Scott Weidensaul: The Burrowing Owl is the only North American owl species where the male is larger than the female, albeit, only slightly larger. The Caribbean islands were once populated by enormous owls, some over 3-feet tall, some flightless. There are distinct differences between Eastern Screech-Owl morphs. Reviews book review owls

2015 73

The Western Screech-Owl Nests in Tree Cavities

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Western Screech-Owl ( Megascops kennicottii ) photos by Larry Jordan It’s been an interesting winter in my neck of the woods. Birders in Northern California have been treated to rare sightings of several species, sending avid twitchers from all over the west in our direction. Personally, I’m waiting for the irruption of Snowy Owls to reach northern California! One of the cool things about this species is that they are year round residents in their territory.

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Short-eared Owl at Plum Beach, Brooklyn

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We were walking on the south side of the marsh, hoping to find some of the Common Redpolls that had invaded the New York City area the previous week when something made me look to my left and up and I saw a Short-eared Owl in flight that had evidently just been unintentionally flushed from the opposite side of the marsh by someone out for a stroll. The Short-eared Owl has an enormous range, occurring on every continent except for Australia and Antarctica.

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Z. Alexander Brown: Uncaged – Cabernet Sauvignon (2017)

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Just yesterday I learned that the Barn Owl ( Tyto alba ) is the only breeding bird found in New York that has been documented nesting in every month of the year. Barn Owls with their Brood (c. The deadly prowess with which their resident Barn Owls hunt rodents allows Z.

2020 81

Stolpman Vineyards: Para Maria de los Tecolotes (2017)

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Owling on Christmas Bird Counts is a peculiar business. There’s the whole role of chance in owling, too. In birding, perhaps only the proverbial wild goose chase and snipe hunt rank below owling in terms of expected success. Good owling and happy drinking!

2019 54


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I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for owls. Wander through my front door and glance upwards and you’ll find at least two watching you, a Tawny Owl and a Barn Owl , both sadly gathered as roadkills. Above our fireplace is a large painting of a Barn Owl. Barn Owl In my ‘younger’ days I thought nothing of spending several hours in the field in the dark searching for owls. Birding Barn Owl features kids owls Short-eared Owl

2012 62

ACTION ALERT! Tomorrow, MARCH 15, 2011, is the deadline for public.

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Sandhill Crane Hunt in Kentucky?! Sandhill Crane Hunt in Kentucky?! Tomorrow, MARCH 15, 2011, is the deadline for public comment on a proposal to hunt sandhill cranes in Kentucky. The Kentucky Ornithological Society and the Beckham Bird Club have both come out strongly against the hunting season. It is OK for people to like to hunt.

2011 79

Rarer than Tigers: the Indian Wild Dog

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Further down the road, we reach a derelict building with a large veranda hidden among the trees – an abandoned hunting lodge (if I were in a situation to invest, I would choose to upgrade this into a luxury wildlife lodge). Birds included common species such as Black Drongos , Jungle Babblers and a Hoopoe. These days, the species shares habitats with Tigers, Snow Leopard, Bears, etc. Trips Dhole endangered species India MammalsIndia, February 2013.

2015 77

Poop From The Front End Of The Bird

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Many are familiar with dissecting owl pellets, but several birds will caste a pellet including hawks, eagles, gulls, herons and heck, I once witnessed a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher hack up a small one. Owls have a tendency to swallow prey whole and if they do rip large prey apart to swallow it, their digestive juices are not as strong and you can find a whole bunch of info about their diet in their pellets. Three flighted creatures in one Great Horned Owl pellet!

2011 68

Potpourri of Amazing Bird Science

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— and link that to something abut the Great Grey Owl and my BFF Analiese Miller who is an amazing, emerging, photographer who has recently trained her 300mm Cannon F4 lens on the birds (including the Great Grey) at Sax Zim. If this was America, we might not be concerned because starlings are an invasive species, at least in North America. Birds Cassin''s Auk crows Great Grey Owl Mass Death research

Acclimatisation Societies of New Zealand

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There are the endemics, which are odd in their own way, and then there introduced species, which are so varied in their type and origin that you get the feeling you’ve arrived at the aftermath of a small zoo that escaped. So that New Zealand would end up with quite a few species of animal not originally found here is hardly surprising of itself. What is surprising is quite how many species did end up here, and how economically unimportant they were.

Grassy Green Space in the Central Valley- Trash Habitat or Prime Real Estate for Oddball Birds?

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Some call them trash, tours might not visit, but they can host more than the expected and common species. Some such vegetated spots can also attract oddball birds, species that wander to find a home in urban circumstances.

Backyard Beneficiaries

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With that logic those trees, if left to grow, should produce something of use to at least one or two species of birds. The first sign of any positive effect was the appearance of several species of butterflies I hadn’t previously noticed.

Forest Bathing

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Now that I have driven that to a state of relative completion and I am compelled to return to the forest, I learned that the government here has re-opened the hunting season. During a two-year long moratorium on hunting in T&T, I had some of the most incredible birding experiences.

2020 87

What is the National Bird of Aruba?

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Many of us picture owls in the sky, silently soaring, or perched atop tree branches or light poles as they sleep or keep an eye out for prey. However, on my first trip to Aruba I scanned the ground for a very special type of small owl, known for its terrestrial antics. The Aruban Burrowing Owl hunts primarily from the ground, hopping and running after lizards, insects, and small mammals. Unlike many other owl species, the male and the female are the same size.

2016 40

Botswana’s Private Reserves

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Many countries have private reserves and concessions, run for tourism or hunting, that provide outstanding wildlife watching opportunities. Southern White-faced Scops Owl or African Scops Owl? Brown-hooded Kingfishers hunt far from water. Spotted Eagle Owls are one of several owls that can be seen here. As well as birds, the reserve holds endangered species like African Wild Dogs.

Come to India With Babita Wildlife Tours!

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On a recent visit I threw my bags in the hotel room and went straight there, and got over 60 species of birds in a few hours and fantastic views of Nilgai , the largest antelope in India. Commoner species include Bar-headed Geese , parakeets, shrikes, mynas and minivets.

India 68

Some Birding News about Birders in Costa Rica

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Which tours saw the most roosting owls? This odd nocturnal creature is around the same size as a Barred Owl. With around 400 species recorded for the area, yeah, it’s where we might all like to quarantine for a bit! A Fantastic Day of 200 Plus Species.

A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds–A Book Review

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212) who trap, follow, and analyze the migration paths of Snowy Owls, a project founded in 2013, the magic year of the Snowy Owl irruption. Author Scott Weidensaul and a Snow Owl. Ask any birder–migration is joy.

Creepers in the Forest

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But this book taught me about eagles, owls, storks and herons. Not all the birds, of course, but many of the distinctive and conspicuous species. T&T has five recorded species of woodcreeper, all resident. Getting familiar with birds is a process.

Laws 66

Freeze-birding down the Danube

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A shot or two coming from the opposite bank, but they do not sound like geese shooting – more like boar hunting. A goose hunt sounds like a WWII battle. A flock of small birds at the dyke, Yellowhammers mostly… I cannot see well because of one enthusiastic hunting dog which takes pleasure in running through the snow and flushing them up whenever the birds land. Scanning the water for rarer species… S. Easy – it is forbidden to hunt at night.

2016 60

Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Birding

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These large parrots are popular in the pet trade, and that’s a likely source of the population of this species on Trinidad. As I neared the shore, I spooked a hunting Striated Heron who in turn spooked a Neotropic Cormorant hunting the shallow water. Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl.

2020 72

Butte Valley Wildlife Area and Meiss Lake

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Like many “wildlife areas” it is open to waterfowl hunting during the season. Their birding checklist includes hundreds of birds, fifty-four of which are designated as a local nesters, including four species of grebe, three species of teal, Swainson’s Hawk, Greater Sandhill Crane, American Avocet, Wilson’s Phalarope, and five species of Owl (including Burrowing Owl). In total we counted seventeen species at the rest stop!

2017 40

The Top 25 Target Birds to Look for in Costa Rica

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It would be uber cool to lay eyes on a rare lifer, on species that only seem to live on the pages of a field guide but isn’t that somewhat discriminatory? And why spend time only looking for one or two species when those hours could be used to put binos focused on a few dozen? While waiting for that big weird cotinga species to appear, other birds will also come into view because when birding quality habitat, there’s plenty to see!

2019 67

Falconry – Bloodsport or Alternative Form of Birding?

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Dirt hawking is a form of falconry that involves hunting rabbits and other small game with Harris Hawks (other hawk species also qualify). One of the primary reasons that these hawks make such excellent falconry birds is because they are one of only two raptor species (the other is the Galapagos Hawk ) that hunt cooperatively. In the case of fox hunting (a true bloodsport), dogs are domesticated animals that are killing, not for food, but for sport.

2011 85

The 20 best birds of Belgrade and where to find them

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a British expat birder who was living in Belgrade, for a suggestion: “The top species is undoubtedly White-tailed Eagle. commented further: “With a little work some species can be seen quite easily such as the divers, scaup, scoter, Goosander , Garganey and Long-eared Owl. At the time of writing (March 2019), so far there are 248 eBirded species in the wider area officially representing Belgrade. Middle Spotted Woodpecker is a species of well-developed forests.

2019 78

Birding Botswana

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What this land-locked country lacks in endemic birds it more than makes up for in accessibility of tough species, numbers of birds and the overall wildlife experience. This breathtaking part of the world is home to a dazzling array of bird species including many species that are easiest seen in the Okavango – birds like Pel’s Fishing Owl, Slaty Egret and Wattled Crane. We are currently filming in Botswana.

The Nonessential Whooping Crane

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It may be as sick as deliberately targeting an endangered species for death. With the proposed hunting seasons on sandhill cranes being discussed in Tennessee, Kentucky and Wisconsin, we must not forget the whooping crane, which travels and winters in the big sandhill crane flocks. Hunting sandhill cranes in the Eastern flyway will put those 100 whooping cranes at even greater risk of being brought down by gunfire, hunter education courses and handy color brochures notwithstanding.

2011 78

The Little Big Year – Week 43: Last minute trip to Texas

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Once we were checked in, we headed straight out to begin our hunt. Our first three days were spent bouncing around from area to area, looking to find the species on my wish list. That lovely little owl represented bird number 34 for the run thru Texas! Here that Eastern Screech Owl. With the addition of these new species, the Little Big Year numbers look like this: Little Big Year species – 1267. United States species – 350.

2018 48

The Little Big Year-week 46: All this fun comes to an end

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When we returned to Tucson, from the Bahamas, I was approaching a milestone number, 1300 bird species, and drove myself hard, climbing, hiking, searching, and driving all over the state of Arizona looking for those last eight birds. A few nights ago, I sat out in a light snow/rain mix, in the pitch black of Madera Canyon, trying to find a Whiskered Screech Owl. By 7:30, two of the owls starting calling back and forth across the small ravine, and I had my 1300th bird!

2019 49

Best Bird of the Year 2014

10,000 Birds

Larry starts us off right with an owl that makes birders drool: I was able to see and photograph many great birds in 2014 but my Best Bird of the Year would have to be the Great Gray Owl , the largest Strix in North America. Later, Harry Fuller, President of the Klamath Bird Observatory, led us to an open meadow where we saw a pair of Great Gray Owls hunting in a meadow. Larry’s BBOTY – Great Gray Owl.

2014 64

Setting a Record that No One Cares About

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It was almost a month ago that I wondered how many species of ducks, geese, and swans could be found in my home borough of Queens in a single day this winter if I really put forth the effort. I did a dry run with my friend Seth eight days ago, on 18 February, and in our half-day of birding we knocked off twenty-four species and that was with only one scoter species spotted. Thirty species was within the realm of the possible! Species number twenty-five!

2018 40

Birds that Costa Rican Birders Want to See the Most

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Our bogey or nemesis species, birds that we would opt to see over others. Back in the early days of birding with optics, I wonder if such wanted species would have been birds that were much more common in present times. I love the challenge of “the hunt” and the satisfaction of the find but I also have the ones I want to see the most, my biggest targets if you will. Snowy Owl. At least we have the Black-and-white Owl.

2018 40