Picathartes – Africa’s strangest birds

10,000 Birds

Suspecting they still occurred, we went to considerable effort searching unsuccessfully for picathartes, our suspicions all but confirmed when several hunters I interviewed said they knew the bird and claimed they still existed. Here local hunters who had known about the colony and for generations had been harvesting the birds by simply picking the adults off their nests during the breeding season.

Can we talk about Cecil the Lion?

10,000 Birds

I get that you’re really angry, I mean, he was a popular lion and yes, his cute widdle cubs will probably die to, but I can’t help feeling you’ve kind of missed the point a bit, and well, ending all hunting in Africa will not solve much and maybe make things worse and… No, no, I’m not a hunter. If tourists are too dim to tell Sierra Leone from Botswana or Tanzania, do we really want to rely on them to save Africa’s species? Hi there.

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