Can we talk about Cecil the Lion?

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I can’t help noticing that you’ve just posted an angry story about Cecil the Lion on your timeline. I get that you’re really angry, I mean, he was a popular lion and yes, his cute widdle cubs will probably die to, but I can’t help feeling you’ve kind of missed the point a bit, and well, ending all hunting in Africa will not solve much and maybe make things worse and… No, no, I’m not a hunter. And that lions are really cute.

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We Should Kill More Lions

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Assuming you have a passing interest in wildlife, or at the least you know someone that does, and chances are in the last week or so you’ve become aware that some lady from America shot a lion. I’m glad she shot that lion, and I think you should shoot a lion too (Only where valid, terms and conditions apply. This Lion should not be shot, as it is a protected reserve that forbids shooting. Shooting lions is big business.

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On "The Wild"

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And before any hunter can blurt out "Have you ever seen a deer die of starvation in the woods? We hunters are helping the deer," remember that hunters aren't in the woods looking for exhausted, starving, sickly deer to put out of their misery. Finally, people who object to our moral stance jump species and say we should object to the lion killing the gazelle. Whether lions can do that or not is not something I think about.

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Come@Me: Hunting Is Not Conservation

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” Contemporary environmentalism arrived too late to prevent the passenger pigeon’s demise due to market hunters, but the two phenomena share a historical connection. advisory board, the “ Wildlife Protection Board ,” has been created to help rewrite federal rules for importing the heads and hides of African elephants, lions and rhinos is stacked with trophy hunters, including some members with direct ties to President Donald Trump and his family 2.

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Linkwood Distillery: 15 Years Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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For starters, the official national animal is the unicorn, a fairy-tale beast chosen by Scottish royalty in the Middle Ages for its reputation as the natural enemy of the lion, the adopted mascot of English kings.

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Africa’s Big Five and Little Five

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Originally a hunting term, the Big Five were the most dangerous and prized targets of the great white hunters on safari. They are not necessarily the biggest African animals, but represented those that were considered a real hunter’s worthy prey or “game” – the African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Black Rhinoceros, Leopard and king of the jungle, the Lion (which of course doesn’t inhabit jungle but savanna!).

Falakhe’s Story

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And the morning before the Mkuze pack of Painted Wolves, or African Wild Dogs, had been very close to one of the park’s few Lions, as far as tracking collars had told. And the two species were not inclined to get on, by which I mean that Lions will kill other large predators including Painted Wolves. A Lion had attacked the pack, and this poor pup had taken the brunt of the attack. But a Lion attack is not a snaring.

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From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

But whether with a flintlock or a modern rifle, hunting cruelly takes the life of a living, sentient being that has as much right to live as any hunter or writer. Seamus McGraw tells us he has to kill deer in his section of Pennsylvania because “with no predators to speak of—the wolves were wiped out centuries ago and the last mountain lion in the state was killed more than 70 years ago—the responsibility for trying to restore a part of that balance fell to me.” Hunters like him.

Vultures, Human Evolution, Global Warming, and Windmills

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The topic was the concept of humans as predators, or hunters, or really, eaters of meat, and I was discussing the many ways in which people misconceived this notion. One of the misconceptions that came up is the idea that human ancestors went through an evolutionary stage called “scavenging” during which time we were not capable hunters, but we were good enough to scavenge, so we did that for a while until we improved our lot and became the top predator.

Feral Cats Are An Invasive Species in North America (and elsewhere)

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She turned, looked, and by the expression on her face I guessed she was thinking “Goodness, I’m glad that was not a lion.”. The point is, Wildcat, the very close cousin to, physically identical to a domestic kitty cat but with a kick-ass attitude, is these days as African a beast as is the Lion (which once also lived across Europe and Africa) or the Okapi (which did not). Have you ever seen the Dryfus Lion?

#CeciltheLion is a dangerous direction for conservation

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Another day, another dead lion erupting in the world’s media, another opportunity for me to annoy my few remaining anti-hunting friends. The story with Cecil was something of an exception, but the universe didn’t disappoint and sure enough the latest hunter outrage story today is, predictably, about a woman hunter.

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Everglades Long-Legged Birds Feed Their Young To Alligators, Everything is Good.

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For example, years ago, Eiton Tchenrov postulated that the wild progenitor of the domestic dog, some subspecies or another of wolf, could benefit from overlapping its breeding territory with human hunters. You know the famous novel about rabbits , wherein among other things the traveling bunnies find themselves in a warren where everyone is well fed and happy, and that’s a problem. There is bird version of this in the Everglades.

Falconry – Bloodsport or Alternative Form of Birding?

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Take lions, wolves, hyenas to name a few. The thrill of the hunt, the smell and sounds of the desert in the early morning, the ability to see a finely-tuned hunter up close. I’ve recently returned from a filming trip in Arizona where I have been working on a production for National Geographic on Harris’s (Harris) Hawks. During the filming of this production, I got to experience “dirt hawking&#.

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Striding Snake-killers

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A more recent theory on the origins of the name, is that it is a corruption of the Arabic Saqu Ettair meaning “hunter-bird”, which was incorrectly transcribed into French as secrétaire which was then re-translated into English as “secretary” They do have some remarkably long eye-lashes which, in addition to the elegant head-plumes, would be the envy of any secretary of the fairer sex!

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