Rip Van Winkle’s Crow Killing Contest

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I won’t pick a fight with hunters, as long as they eat what they shoot and don’t use lead ammunition. Here is a direct (and unedited) quote: “… keep in mind the main reason why experienced crow hunters got into the sport in the first place, Fun. Some people think it’s just plain fun to kill enormous numbers of animals and pile up their bodies, and when there’s no “bag limit” it’s legal to do so. I am not anti-hunting.

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Palin Supports Brutal Method of Killing Wolves

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The wolves suffer needlessly because hunters simply wound them more often then not firing from an airplane. Here is more video from Current on the subject (this one is a full 10 minutes), but explains how this is mainly for the benefit of trophy hunters, not subsistence hunters that Palin claims it is for. I understand there may be some instances where predator control is necessary. I'm not an absolutist on this point.

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Falakhe’s Story

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And the two species were not inclined to get on, by which I mean that Lions will kill other large predators including Painted Wolves. We tried to sight and count the pack twice every day so that if any of the dogs got snared we’d know quickly and could get a vet in to dart them, free them and clean up the wound. At first we were concerned that another dog had been injured, perhaps hit by one of the hunter’s cars (who were watching the pack as well).

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Striding Snake-killers

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A more recent theory on the origins of the name, is that it is a corruption of the Arabic Saqu Ettair meaning “hunter-bird”, which was incorrectly transcribed into French as secrétaire which was then re-translated into English as “secretary” They do have some remarkably long eye-lashes which, in addition to the elegant head-plumes, would be the envy of any secretary of the fairer sex!

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