Book Review: Spillover – Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic

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My parents are in England, should I be worried about the conflict on the other side of Europe in the Ukraine?” If you’re feeling fearful or ignorant, well, I can recommend’s coverage (as in most things), but you could also do worse that picking up Spillover – Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic by David Quammen.

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How to find the Ural Owl in Serbia

10,000 Birds

The Ural Owl inhabits old and undisturbed boreal forests, in an unbroken belt from Sweden and Finland across Russia to Japan, and is rarely seen to the south, only here and there, in the Carpathians (Slovakia/Ukraine/Romania/eastern Serbia) and Dinaric Alps (Croatia/Bosnia/western Serbia).

Caspian Gull: The continental gull

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The key to solving the puzzle of Germany’s large white-headed gulls was banding juveniles of all forms in their breeding colonies and the fact that some humans find immense joy in driving around garbage dumps, looking at birds with pricey scopes and trying to decipher tiny codes on plastic or metal rings of various shapes and sizes.

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We are Just Money Grubbers

10,000 Birds

It is threatened by habitat degradation as a result of the human exploitation of natural resources in the taiga and lower tundra regions of its breeding range, and by lake drainage for irrigation and hydroelectric power production (Armenia).” (The The Greater Spotted Eagle mostly breeds from Ukraine eastward and in Serbia is only a rare but regular wintering species (several birds are recorded every winter).

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