Sri Lanka Attempts to Establish Animal Research Guidelines

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From the Sunday Times in Sri Lanka. Last Monday (January 18, 2010), this country reached a milestone with regard to animal research when a booklet on the ‘Guidelines for Ethics Review of Research Proposals Involving Animals in Sri Lanka’, was launched at a simple ceremony held at the Colombo Medical Faculty presided over by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo, Prof. Tags: animal research sri lanka

International birding tourism after the Covid-19 – what will change?

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I remember a cartoon showing the prehistoric Earth as a vast forest with tiny villages fenced-off due to dangerous animals, and the today’s Earth as a wasteland, with a few tiny forests remaining, fenced-off due to abominable humans. We are stuck. In a world we made.

Birding Without Borders: A Review

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And in India, when Strycker tied the previous one-year record, his guides Sanu and Harsha took a fair amount of trouble to make sure that a special bird, the Sri Lanka Frogmouth (“nocturnal and not easy to see!”) Strycker, an Associate Editor of “ Birding ” magazine and author of a really fine 2014 book, “ The Thing With Feathers: The Surprising Lives of Birds and What They Reveal About Being Human ,” is obviously a brilliant birder and a fine writer.

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The Jewel Hunter: A Book Review About One Birder’s Quest for Pittas and Beer

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The books work best when the birding is coupled with the human element. The chapter on Sri Lanka, where Gooddie combines a vacation with his girlfriend, largely invisible elsewhere in the book, with his search for Indian Pitta, is to my taste one of the best parts of the book. It’s my fantasy and it’s yours: Quit the job, say good-bye to the family, and bird. Just bird. It’s what I dream of every Monday morning.

The American Birding Expo, Philly-Style

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However, I’m applying those adjectives not to my fellow bird lovers, but to the panoply of humanity that descended upon the other hall at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center for the “Walker Stalker” convention of Walking Dead fans.). Aisles of exhibitors tempted visitors with birding trips to such far-flung locations as Colombia, Kenya, and Sri Lanka, and grown men and women got all kid-in-a-candy-store at the optics booths. Obsessive. Strange. Inscrutable.

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